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IPC 498a- the legalized HONOUR KILLING of husbands & in-laws in India

April 19, 2010

What is honor killing ?

Definition: An honor killing or honour killing(also called a customary killing) is the murder of a family or clan member by one or more fellow family members, where the murderers (and potentially the wider community) believe the victim to have brought dishonor upon the family, clan, or community.

In India, the news of honor killings makes headlines every now and then. Recently, the Khap Mahapanchayat, the apex body of khaps or traditional Jat caste councils in Haryana, western UP and parts of rural Delhi, was in line with it and the demand for a stringent Law(Sati-like) to curb the  Honor Killings in the name of Gotra, Caste, religion, culture and adultery in INDIA again surfaced from various corners of society and personalities.  The honor killing of any form in any civilized society cannot be accepted as it is humanity that is killed  and I fully endorse the same.

IPC 498a is a legalized HONOUR KILLING of husbands & in-laws in India

The registration of non cognizable criminal case and arresting whole family on mere wild allegations from wife without testing the veracity of complaint with any kind of proofs has surely puts the gender biased IPC 498a in the spectrum of legalized HONOUR KILLING.

More & more husbands are falling pray to false 498a as it’s now working on the analogy of fashion among unscrupulous  wives to book their husbands & in-laws under 498a to dictate their terms. These wives are not only harassing their husbands but whole family of in-laws, even distant relatives of husbands are made to feel the heat of criminal case by filing false complaint under 498a.The recent glaring example of misuse of 498a in India is a Shoaib-Sania saga. Was there any issue of dowry prohibition in this case?

The wife files  frivolous complaint under 498a against her husband and in-laws to take revenge(honor salvaging) for not bowing down to her unwanted demands or tries to fulfill her greedy desires, however, on the other hand, the innocent husband and in-laws looses their hard earned honor over the years in society and undergoes the trauma of criminal case trial. The social bashing, doomed future and sense of responsibility(to bring uncalled problem in family) creates an unbearable pressure on husband and his family which many a times results in either one or two suicides in family.

So isn’t the  IPC 498a, a legalized HONOUR KILLING of husbands & in-laws in India in the name of Dowry Prohibition?

Yes, the Honor killing is most condemnable so is  IPC 498a.

IPC 498a should be scrapped

The  Indian Government should first delegalize this honor killing of husbands in India by scrapping off the IPC 498a and then to think of bringing in any stringent law to curb the  honor killings of any form? There can’t be double standards on Government part that on one side keeping promoting and legalizing HONOUR KILLING of husbands & in-laws under IPC 498a and on the other side bringing in yet another Law to curb HONOUR KILLING.

Moreover, Even after 27 years of enforcement of this Dowry prohibition law-498a( in the year 1983) in India, the feminists and government claim that the dowry menace is ever increasing as the complaints under 498a is increasing and treats the figures of 498a registered cases as the awareness indicator among women folks about their rights. Here, they are not realizing the factual truth about this increase which is it’s large scale misuse by women in India as it became an easy tool to settle personal scores and extortion from in-laws.

 Even if their view is to be believed then what’s the use of this law which is unable to reduce the dowry menace in India even after 27 years of its applicability and is only promoting HONOUR KILLING?

Jai Hind !