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IPC 498A- a Social Evil at par with “SATI “of Indian Society

May 16, 2010

On reading this caption, the first question comes to everyone’s mind is Why ? Let us find out the answer:

 Social evils in Indian society or for that matter in any society is not a new phrase and India is fighting since long to eradicate the prevalent social evils in it’s society like Poverty, castism, dowry, child abuse etc. However, India successfully eradicated some of worst form of social evils previously prevailing in it’s society like Sati  & untouchability with the help of immense efforts made to spread awareness in society by Raja Ram Mohan Rai and Mahatama Gandhi.

 But when it came to Dowry System instead of changing the mindset in society by bringing in enough awareness, the Government has laid stress(under pressure from vested interests of NCW and WCD, radical feminists etc.) on using gender biased civil & criminal laws to curb this practice along with others relating to women. The Government in this process has mixed this social evil eradication with Women Empowerment which paved the way of gender differentiation in Indian judicial system and almost all the matrimonial laws or the laws of marriage in India are made gender biased favoring women which is resulting in gross misuse of these laws.

 The enforcement of these gender biased laws has created a complete chaos in family system and society. Now take the example of dowry system, the criminal laws made to eradicate this practice has instead of curbing the dowry practice has added yet another Social Evil – the IPC 498A. How? Just see the comparison of it with “Sati” pratha:



“SATI” Pratha

False IPC 498A


Was based on a traditional belief and ethics in Society

Created and promoted by the Government of India and radical feminists. It is taking upthe shape of  a tradition on the part of young empowered wives.


Was practiced only on death of a husband.  

May start any time after marriage and many deaths could occur till the completion of it’s trial.


Was prone to any kind of misuse  


Being gender biased it is wide open for misuse of any kind  on account of women by making false and frivolous complaints & allegations on husband & in-laws


A woman was forced to burn to death in the flames of her husband’s funeral

Husband & in-laws forced to face death each moment they for their whole remaining life


Atrocity came to end with heinous & tragic death of  wife

Atrocities like physical, mental, emotional, economical and social harassment begins for the whole life of husband & in-laws and they caught  entangled in a condition where it is neither life nor death to them. The loss of dignity, honor & humiliation many a times results in many deaths in in-laws & husband’s family.



Was considered as a honorable sacrifice by wife. Husband and in-laws are portrayed as inhuman, criminals & monsters in society. 


Was having no financial dimension An open and legalized extortion tool. 


Was a bad, cruel and condemnable tradition underlying thinking that wife be free from all miseries in future without her husband Is more condemnable and cruel being a legal terrorism.


Was a social evil effecting relatively (as compared to IPC 498A) small section of society.

So easy to misuse that it is effecting whole society at large by propagating breaking of family system and criminalization of marriage system.

 So, after this annotated comparison, I am sure you are now somewhat convinced that YES,  IPC-498A is a SOCIAL EVIL in India practiced & propagated  by Wives ,Government, Judiciary & Police in India.

But then, larger question remains  that why not Government Scrapes this IPC 498a  ? Is it still awaiting some more social reformist like Raja Ram Mohan Rai Or Mahatma Gandhi to eradicate this social evil, the child of their own misqued wisdom?




May 5, 2010

The nature(GOD) has made man & woman mutually interdependent on each other to be  complete as a being “A Human”. Man as well as woman was blessed with equally important & different physiology & roles to play in His created world and to strike a balance in His creation He blessed both with different qualities and strengths.

He given Role of mother to woman while a role of father to man by bestowing true womanhood qualities like endurance, nurturing, elegance, poise, sharing, forbearance, loving & caring to woman while rational thinking, toughness, compassion, justice  & stableness   to man. 


Mother’s these divine qualities shapes the emotional and internal strengths of a child while father’s qualities builds his capabilities of being successful in practical world. Both male & female were happily playing their respective roles in making of a family and society thereof since the evolution of human race on this planet earth.

But then & quite recently, some women(radical feminists) by forming groups out of

  • genuine atrocities on some women
  • boredom from their roles
  • shirk from their responsibilities
  • lured by freedom in outside world and power of money

has came with the slogan of “Women Empowerment” with justification that the women are under privileged or oppressed of their equal rights in society from ancient times and many atrocities are carried out on women on pretext of weaker sex.

The solution that this concept of Woman Empowerment has put forward initially was “to give woman equal rights i.e. at par with man in the sphere of activity which was otherwise in the domain of male i.e. earn the bread for family or self ” but it isn’t stop here, instead, ignoring & forgetting about the roles/qualities entrusted by the nature (GOD), they keep on pushing it ahead and now they have turned it into a mad race of equality with man in each & every sphere of activity i.e. whatsoever man can do, woman has equal right of doing it except for delivering a child  which is again constrained by nature only.

As remedy to enforce these rights they managed to persuade the government(who had their own vested interest of votebank etc,) to frame & enforce gender biased laws to settle family and matrimonial issues one sidedly  alongwith declaring woman as a special oppressed category for centuries which needs reservation for upliftment. Though, they achieved this success only by exploiting the male sentiments(in government as well as in society) towards female as he being given birth by a female(mother) and his brought up companion (sister) is a female but the irony in enforcing these gender biased laws is that these law are only meant for woman’s one role in society i.e  only Wife.

 However, larger question remains, what has been achieved by this kind of Women Empowerment or mad race ?

  • Women is loosing her existence, means, the  “essence” of womanhood in the physical, mental, intellectual and the spiritual sense and is depriving of the divine qualities gifted by nature to her in the name of empowerment of women and is turning into a human robots functional with gender biased laws & reservation.
  • The gender balance that was earlier maintained by nature has been made to tilt in favor of women(a special role of wife) which in turns resulting in misuse of this empowerment and creating a social chaos in society.
  • Social fabric woven with relationship and responsibilities of male & female and strengthen with family system is at the brink of completely broken.
  • The sacred institution of marriage has been turned into a gender battlefield with unwanted role of police, judiciary and political interfance

So called Empowered Woman

So, Is today’s Women Empowerment really is an Empowerment of  Women or on the contrary, is killing the divine womanhood ?

            Definitely it cannot be called an empowerment of a women but is responsible for making the society, a society without ethics & values and family, a family without divine qualities of loving caring & sharing and the womanhood is silently suffering at the hands of this pseudo empowerment .



A TRUE WOMEN EMPOWERMENT would be if the genuine and fair efforts are made to highlight and limelight the importance of divine qualities gifted by nature(GOD) to woman so as to raise the stature of womanhood so high in the society that the MAN & society is compelled to bow to her benevolent qualities and capabilities with significant importance to their role in every walk of life like family, society or mankind.