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December 5, 2010

THE MARRIAGE is an institution having only 2 pillars of it i.e HUSBAND and WIFE.The Indian Legal system has very much clearly defined the husband’s role,duties & responsibilities in a matrimony through various gender biased laws. It’s my little effort to summarise the same for your perusal:

HUSBAND (Legally in India)

a) a male above 21 years of age In Marriage

b) Legally barred to take any dowry before, at the time or after the marriage.

c) Legally responsible to maintain his wife & children economically, pschycologically,socially, physically and emotionally.

d) Legally bound to provide protection to wife & children

e) Legally bound to provide residence & life style of his status to wife .

f) Legally barred to do any crulaity on wife or children

g) Leaglly barred of any domestic violence on wife.

h) Legally bound to make his wife happy biologically(sex).

i) Legally barred of any adultary inside or outside marriage.

j) Legally barred from marital rape.

k) Legally responsible to maintain his parents as well.

l) Legally responsible for any unantural death of his wife within 7 years of marriage. even after Divorce

m) Legally responsible to provide ailimony for easy life of his ex.till her remaining life or she remarries.

n) Legally responsible to provide maintenance to his children till they attain maturity age or in case of girl, her marriage.

WIFE (Legally in India)

and now let’s talk about Wife’s responsibilities or role ? Is it defined anywhere in any law or act ? NO The only thing defined (in nutshell) about wife is “Any girl/women above 18 years, legally married to a Man” that’s all. So WHO IS WIFE ?

Is this institution of marriage in India is any way FAIR to a HUSBAND ?

Don’t you agree that every indian matrimonial laws needs clear defination of the “Wife” i.e WHO IS WIFE ? WHAT IS THE ROLE of WIFE IN A MATRIMONY? and WHAT ARE THE RESPOSIBILITIES OR DUTIES OF WIFE ?

Isn’t it must, so that the abundance of rights bestowed to a WIFE in Indian Legal System, in the name of women Empowerment could be JUSTIFIED ANYHOW ?

A Radical Feminist – The BIGGEST ENEMY of Women & Womanhood

July 3, 2010

THE programme telecasted on misuse of IPC 498a on LOKSABHA TV :  Part 1/5
part 2/5
part 3/5
part 4/5
part 5/5

 You all must have watched the above videos or similar videos  earlier too and after viewing above healthy discussion of 5 eminent panelist on misuse of IPC 498a, you must have very well recognized a radical feminist among them. Further, this discussion raises lot of important questions, the answers to which needs to be found with logical & rational mind and if one applies these, I am sure he/she will realize that:  

Q. 0        The first & foremost question arises is whether Government & feminists are having any connection?

  Ans. 0    YES, most of these organizations (in the name of some NGO) are registered with government and are getting  financial support from it. Political parties/Government in-turn uses some of them to build a political base/vote bank  and also expects contribute some amount as  election “CHANDA(donation)” for these political parties/government. So, it can be safely concluded that there exists a  strong nexus between political parties/Government and these bodies and reference can be exchanged in Q. & Ans. below in this regard.

  Q.1         Why the radical feminists(so called Women organizations) are adamant for not having  any amendments in IPC 498a ?

  Ans.1     The feminists are the MOTHERS of IPC  498A and  considers it as their very first victory. Under IPC 498a, everything can be termed as “Dowry”, which is most valuable term for the feminists(except for “female foeticide”) because this is the only one, most talked about social evil related to women remaining in the society and their very survival is directly linked to this social evil. So, any dilution in IPC 498a threatens their future.

  Q.2         Why, these feminists don’t want this country to be a progressive State?

  Ans.2     Feminists lack progressive vision & wisdom and they  feel  afraid of any progressive change in society as they think that this can devoid them of issues (virtual creation by them on concocted   stats & figures) and will make their claims futile.  In a progressive State, the over all development of every citizen is a prime concern for government but it does not suit feminists as their base only rests on non-progressive thinking  and exploitation of sentiments of innocent citizens of Indian society.

  Q.3         Why, these feminists don’t want Women of this country to have an image of independent or self reliant woman ?

  Ans. 3    If women in this country is succeeded in having the image of an independent & self reliant woman, the whole propaganda, hue & cry and political & social base of these feminists will be diminished, which they don’t want at any cost.

  Q.4         Why these feminists hate anything cordial among both sexes   ?

  Ans.4     After realizing that the effect of Divide & Rule policy on religion and caste is not bearing any productive fruits for them, they have choosen, the next in line i.e . GENDER to experiment with. By dividing on gender base they dreams about having representation of 50 % population in the country. So, Women of India is being used by feminists first as Commodity(by demanding those rights which are clear violative of womanhood & it’s glory ) and than as political vote bank.

  Q.5         Why these feminists don’t have the sense of responsibility to safeguard the family system in India ?

  Ans. 5    Family system or family obligations fall last in their list of priorities. Most of these feminists are Kitty Party ladies, who projects themselves as empowered women of today  and consider it shameful  to fulfill family obligations in a way their mothers or fore mothers have done traditionally over the era.  These radical feminists love unrestricted independence and nourishes on it . The family system or ethics or values in society is beyond their level of understanding and is not their subject.

  Q.6         Why these feminists only talks about Daughter-in-laws not about mother & sisters of husbands who counts more in numbers(females) and are being harassed or abused under these gender biased laws ?

  Ans. 6    See, “any nation moves as moved by it’s young ones”. Feminists has catch hold this and are encashing on Dauther-in-law’s  cultural obligation of leaving her parent’s home  & starting fresh life in husband’s house. They envisaged  In-law’s house a best place to  create trouble for wide reaction and publicity. More so, most of these feminists are not yet themselves mother-in-laws and at that  stage they use to leave the feminist movement.

  Q.7         Is there some other secret/hidden agenda of these feminists behind this all ?

  Ans.7     These feminists has the secret  agenda of creating hatred against male by repeating that “India is a male dominating society” and dividing the nation on gender lines to capture the women votebank politically, besides entitling themselves for foreign & domestic easy funding.

  Q.8         Why these feminists don’t want India to be a Dowry free State or a State with gender equality?

  Ans. 8    By GOD’s grace, If ever, India happened to be a Dowry Free State or Country having gender equality, it will be a nightmare for these feminists as their only life support or life-line  will be  cutoff/shattered and  they will  have to strive for single breath . That’s why they want to keep this issue alive by accusing Males & relating every problem of women with Dowry?

 We strongly urge the Citizens, Lawmakers/parliamentarians of India to rise above the Radical Thinking and recognize the hidden agenda of radical feminists and act to change present  India  from  a “Feminist State” to a  “Progressive India”. 

No, India can’t be a dowry free State

May 24, 2010

Many decades has been passed since  enforcing of Dowry Prohibition Act,1961, in India but still it is claimed by the NCW and Government that Dowry menace is ever increasing in the society as the cases registered under this Act is increasing. The NCW & Government needs introspection here about their stats and wisdom.

If it’s so, then Why India is not able to eliminate this dowry menace from it’s society ?. Here, I have the answer:

India can’t be a dowry free State

  1. Until National Commission for Women(NCW) is close down or disoriented.
  2. Until Country is not forced to be run by feminists.
  3. Until legislatures change their feministic view about family & marriage matters.
  4. Until Courts realize their duty to take cognizance of Perjury (if any) against parents of bride.
  5. Until the dowry givers are punished.
  6. Until  the  IPC 498a is scraped.
  7. Until  the word “dowry”  is used for every trouble caused to a woman.
  8. Until every death of married women is termed as Dowry Death.
  9. Until  unscrupulous women are entitled for  maintenance.
  10. Until child custody is primarily the right of woman.
  11. Until Domestic violence is attributed only to husband.
  12. Until matrimonial laws are gender biased.
  13. Until Woman Empowerment is done at the cost of womanhood.
  14. Until false allegations has edge over truth legally.
  15. Until  Men Welfare Ministry is formed.
  16. Until the existence of  myth that India is a male dominating society.

And also

Until a true gender neutral  study & research is done on violence in family & matrimonial matters.

Am I Wrong ?

IPC 498a- the legalized HONOUR KILLING of husbands & in-laws in India

April 19, 2010

What is honor killing ?

Definition: An honor killing or honour killing(also called a customary killing) is the murder of a family or clan member by one or more fellow family members, where the murderers (and potentially the wider community) believe the victim to have brought dishonor upon the family, clan, or community.

In India, the news of honor killings makes headlines every now and then. Recently, the Khap Mahapanchayat, the apex body of khaps or traditional Jat caste councils in Haryana, western UP and parts of rural Delhi, was in line with it and the demand for a stringent Law(Sati-like) to curb the  Honor Killings in the name of Gotra, Caste, religion, culture and adultery in INDIA again surfaced from various corners of society and personalities.  The honor killing of any form in any civilized society cannot be accepted as it is humanity that is killed  and I fully endorse the same.

IPC 498a is a legalized HONOUR KILLING of husbands & in-laws in India

The registration of non cognizable criminal case and arresting whole family on mere wild allegations from wife without testing the veracity of complaint with any kind of proofs has surely puts the gender biased IPC 498a in the spectrum of legalized HONOUR KILLING.

More & more husbands are falling pray to false 498a as it’s now working on the analogy of fashion among unscrupulous  wives to book their husbands & in-laws under 498a to dictate their terms. These wives are not only harassing their husbands but whole family of in-laws, even distant relatives of husbands are made to feel the heat of criminal case by filing false complaint under 498a.The recent glaring example of misuse of 498a in India is a Shoaib-Sania saga. Was there any issue of dowry prohibition in this case?

The wife files  frivolous complaint under 498a against her husband and in-laws to take revenge(honor salvaging) for not bowing down to her unwanted demands or tries to fulfill her greedy desires, however, on the other hand, the innocent husband and in-laws looses their hard earned honor over the years in society and undergoes the trauma of criminal case trial. The social bashing, doomed future and sense of responsibility(to bring uncalled problem in family) creates an unbearable pressure on husband and his family which many a times results in either one or two suicides in family.

So isn’t the  IPC 498a, a legalized HONOUR KILLING of husbands & in-laws in India in the name of Dowry Prohibition?

Yes, the Honor killing is most condemnable so is  IPC 498a.

IPC 498a should be scrapped

The  Indian Government should first delegalize this honor killing of husbands in India by scrapping off the IPC 498a and then to think of bringing in any stringent law to curb the  honor killings of any form? There can’t be double standards on Government part that on one side keeping promoting and legalizing HONOUR KILLING of husbands & in-laws under IPC 498a and on the other side bringing in yet another Law to curb HONOUR KILLING.

Moreover, Even after 27 years of enforcement of this Dowry prohibition law-498a( in the year 1983) in India, the feminists and government claim that the dowry menace is ever increasing as the complaints under 498a is increasing and treats the figures of 498a registered cases as the awareness indicator among women folks about their rights. Here, they are not realizing the factual truth about this increase which is it’s large scale misuse by women in India as it became an easy tool to settle personal scores and extortion from in-laws.

 Even if their view is to be believed then what’s the use of this law which is unable to reduce the dowry menace in India even after 27 years of its applicability and is only promoting HONOUR KILLING?

Jai Hind !