Identifiable Traits of radical feminists in India


  •  To divide the country on the basis of  genders
  •  To oppose/negate anything cordial among  both sexes.
  • To  eradicate & replace the rational thinking  of development of society  as a whole by sketching a dividing line on the basis of weaker sex/under privileged among genders .

Appearance & dressing

  • Placing big(larger than usual)  BINDI  on forehead and wearing sari.

(to identify them with well cultured Hindu wives 

and to symbolize that they are married)

  • Keeps  urban outlook  & lifestyle but claims representation of rural section.

                (to maintain the claimed broad base of representation)

  • Mainly Kitty party ladies, makes hue & cry to take advantage for their benefit from the suffering of under privileged or under developed women from rural background.

Communication skills

  • Expert in talking non-stop without reasons and logic

(to enforce their point of view)

  • Capable of prolonging debate/conversation by citing and using out of topic examples.

(to diverge discussion from main issue to something suits them)

  • Able to link everything with female foeticide & dowry

                ( its needed for their survival)


  • Great MALE HATER
  • Selective approach in raising issues

(to maintain the image of rescuer of  victim)

  • Dominating attitude at home as well as in forums, conferences, debate or  meetings

(to show that they are already empowered)

  • Capability of portraying  minor or isolated issue into issue of masses.

(to create and highlight a false propaganda for their means)


  • To work on the Britisher’s  policy  of Divide & Rule
  • Exploitation of sympathetic and emotional  sentiments of society.
  • Solely Working for funding and recognition in the name of social service.
  • Usually relying on false or vague  data & statistics to justify what they are doing is right.


  • Responsible for  distorting the social fabric of India and family system in India
  • Responsible for Sacrificing Womanhood for pseudo empowerment
  • Responsible for gender differentiation
  • Responsible for breaking families and homes
  • Responsible for elder & child abuse
  • Responsible for increasing matrimonial crimes


  • Ultimate goal of their life to destroy the entire Society structure.
  • Misguide and use the innocent women of India  and push them into IPC498a,CrPc 125 and DV mess.
  •  Final strategy to pressurize the Government to  frame & enforce more & more gender biased laws so that husband cases can not be registered resulting in, no availability of any statistical data on misuse of these laws.


  1. 1
    ganesh Says:

    Nice identification of Feminsit.. Also Add at the end of the life they want to distroy the entire Society structure. They have the ability to misguide the innocent women of india and pushed them into IPC498a and DV mess.. They also make a strategy that husband cases should not be registered. so no sttistical data can be generated…

  2. 3
    Sahil Says:

    Initially received their funding from the USSR by claiming that they were promoting Marxist thinking in India and after the USSR disintegrated, they joined hands with the radical feminist groups in the USA and obtained access to federal grants.

  3. 4
    tj9990 Says:

    What about male feminists?

  4. 7
    yodha Says:

    More Deliverables:

    Arranging seminars and ‘dowry courts’ for women, at the same time giving and receiving dowry in their own families and relatives.

  5. Very well researched article.. you have zeroed down to finding feminists .. torch bearers for gender equality would not go unnoticed…keep up good work…bless us all men

  6. You forgot one thing.

    These feminazis are funded by the western powers. Rockefellar and Ford foundation.

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