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Women Reservation Bill-a big consiparacy of radical feminists

March 15, 2010


The WRB- is a big consiparacy of radical feminists. Reserving 33% seats for women  on rotation for 5 years is a big political  blunder in INDIA. Due to this ill thought reservation, the male parliamenterian will face extinction in political system of India (so called world’s largest DEMOCRACY).

  Consider Below: 33% Reservation to women means ——-

Take for example there is  only 3 seats in parliament after WRB (33% reservation to Women)


First seat reserved so any woman and only woman will be elected. Situation will be 1:2(female : male)

SECOND ELECTION after 5 years

 first seat will be open but again the woman won earlier must have garnered strong support to her in her constituency and she will again contest and most likely to win. Now the 2nd seat will be  reserved for woman so only woman will win on this seat . SO AFTER 5 YEARs there will be 2 women against these 3 seats and its 66%. 2:1(Female:male)

THIRD ELECTION after 10 years

Now the women earlier contested and won  on 1 & 2nd seats in earlier elections will be having strong possibility of wining or retaining their repective seats as they have done or served the constituency and they will again contest on these seats as these seats will be open.

Now the remaining 3rd seat will be reserved for women so only women can win.

 So in all the 3 seats there will be women and its 99% women. 3:0(female:male)

 Now, see after (3 elections)15 years there will be hardly any male parliamenterian in idle situation. This is the actual rationale behind this WRB. Now those (Males) who are with the Women reservation please apply mind and act accordingly.