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Dowry Death and Bride Burning in India

September 2, 2013

Women Organisations are Masters of Jugglery of Data & Stat. Every woman related thing is turned into a grave victimization story by twisting & tailoring of Data & Stat. It serves to create a chaos and sympathy waves which are used to flourish their foreign & govt. funding model through aroused emotions in the country & hatred against Men …


Dowry Death and Bride Burning in India.


The Truth about Lies in India

July 3, 2010

Telling lies or concocted stories are becoming a fashion among the young wives in India as these has been given such a legal value in Indian legal system that even a baseless lie or concocted story spelled out from a women can thrash/badly hit any individual or family in a very drastic way. This undue legal shielding to the lies of a particular section of society in the name of empowerment and the presumption of woman being always the victim is pathetic and is primarily responsible for misuse of any law made for upliftment of this section in INDIA besides

 Let us take some examples of laws/Acts intentionally made gender biased to favour the other gender on the plea of upliftment of that gender which are currently the most miused laws in INDIA :-


This is the only draconian law in whole of the Indian Penal Code, in which mere a statement (without any proof or investigation) from a wife is enough to book & send (as many as persons from in-law’s family she wants)  to jail in a criminal case, not only this but the accused is also presumed guilty until he proves his innocence. Because of it’s wide misuse this law has earned it’s various widely known names like “ A Legal tool for Extortion” and  “ A Legal Terrorism” etc..

 Domestic Violence Act,2005

Another Act that is being set in motion by unscrupulous wives to avail numerous reliefs(residence, monetary, protection etc.) from husbands on telling lies and concocted stories because of defined domestic violence in it and it’s nature of being available to only one specified gender, made this Act available for gross misuse.

 IPC 304B – Dowry Death

A stupid section in IPC under which a grave criminal case can be set in motion against any number of  persons from in-law’s family in the event of any unnatural death of married women within 7 years of marriage as it cover any death of a married women within 7 years of marriage. This wide coverage under the law invites unscrupulous elements with oblique motives(like extortion, threatening and revenge)  to misuse it.

 Maintenance Laws/Acts

A set of multiple laws available to wife to claim maintenance – their concurrent / parallel applicability on telling baseless lies & concocted stories, awarding of maintenance/interim maintenance under these laws on the only fact that couple is living separately and making a person entitled to maintenance while she is not discharging any matrimonial duties/responsibility and also living separately but entitled to lifestyle she was enjoying in her matrimonial home makes these laws most venerable to misuse.

 Child Custody Law

Yet another law, looks like delivering justice on the presumption that the child only has one natural guardian e.g. mother and father is only required to donate sperms for child birth and to support monetarily for all welfare of child, beyond this role, he is not capable of raising child well. While, mother is presumed to be capable of raising child better but that too on the money that she receives/seeks as maintenance for herself & child from father of that child. 

 Why rampant misuse of these Acts above?

  •  Loose & clumsily drafting of these laws.
  • No deterrent provided in these laws to stop lies, concocted stories or misuse of these laws.
  • Presumption of women being always and only Victim, overrules all logic, reasons & rationale.
  • No penalty to abuser of law, even after proving the case was false and was filed with malafide intentions.
  • The legal impunity granted to the wives in Indian legal System.
  • The great Indian judicial system known for the delay/time span it takes in delivery of justice.
  • The scope of extortion/corruption in these laws/acts
  • Involvement of money in each and every law above in the shape of maintenance.
  • The unjustified wide open scope of roping- in any number of persons in theses laws.
  • The scope of making money for law enforcing agencies(like police, CAW cells, judiciary etc.)

 Truth remains hidden or unrevealed until unless a proper and just scrutiny mechanism of the facts and an effective deterrent is made out in this regard but it seems that telling a lie and to concoct a false story is a special privilege granted to the women in India in the name of empowerment as they are enjoying numerous gender biased legislations so framed & enforced by government itself and these are, in a result, encouraging women to tell the lies and concocted stories in order to secure their oblique motives and unscrupulous desires.

 Above are only some of the examples, however, there is a long list of such gender biased laws which are wide open for misuse like law on rape, sexual assault(in making), divorce & alimony etc. etc.

 So, it can be easily inferred that in INDIA Truth has been intentionally and legally defeated and lies from women weighs highest.

No, India can’t be a dowry free State

May 24, 2010

Many decades has been passed since  enforcing of Dowry Prohibition Act,1961, in India but still it is claimed by the NCW and Government that Dowry menace is ever increasing in the society as the cases registered under this Act is increasing. The NCW & Government needs introspection here about their stats and wisdom.

If it’s so, then Why India is not able to eliminate this dowry menace from it’s society ?. Here, I have the answer:

India can’t be a dowry free State

  1. Until National Commission for Women(NCW) is close down or disoriented.
  2. Until Country is not forced to be run by feminists.
  3. Until legislatures change their feministic view about family & marriage matters.
  4. Until Courts realize their duty to take cognizance of Perjury (if any) against parents of bride.
  5. Until the dowry givers are punished.
  6. Until  the  IPC 498a is scraped.
  7. Until  the word “dowry”  is used for every trouble caused to a woman.
  8. Until every death of married women is termed as Dowry Death.
  9. Until  unscrupulous women are entitled for  maintenance.
  10. Until child custody is primarily the right of woman.
  11. Until Domestic violence is attributed only to husband.
  12. Until matrimonial laws are gender biased.
  13. Until Woman Empowerment is done at the cost of womanhood.
  14. Until false allegations has edge over truth legally.
  15. Until  Men Welfare Ministry is formed.
  16. Until the existence of  myth that India is a male dominating society.

And also

Until a true gender neutral  study & research is done on violence in family & matrimonial matters.

Am I Wrong ?


April 29, 2010

In Independent and Free  INDIA after almost 63 years of independence and democracy WHO CARES  ?

  • Infringement of fundamental rights of equality ?
  • Laws are made gender biased?
  • Legal terrorism is promoted ?
  • Matrimonial laws are grossly misused ?
  • Marriage is made crime?
  • Extortion and blackmailing prevailing in the name of marriage ?
  • Matrimonial crimes are increasing ?
  • Institution of marriage diminishing ?
  • Where Hon’ble Supreme Court advises MEN to be slave of  wife to survive ?
  • Smallest unit of democracy – Families- are breaking?
  • Elders are abused and harassed ?
  • Values, respect & ethics in society dying?
  • Injustice & iniquity done to innocent husbands and in-laws?
  • Innocents are jailed in false dowry complaints ?
  • Any unnatural death of women is termed as Dowry Death ?
  • Innocent husbands are suciding ?
  • Husbands are treated as Free ATM machines ?
  • Legal or illegal,1st , 2nd or 3rd , legitimate or ill legitimate every wife & sibling is made entitled for Maintenance from husband?
  • Maintenance to wife, even if, she earns more than her husband?
  • Maintenance to wife even if more qualified than her husband?
  • Husband & only husband is responsible for domestic violence ?
  • Legalized the Hounor Killings of husband & in-laws?
  • Fathers, Son sand husbands are in deep agony?
  • Mother & sisters are sobbing and harassed?
  • Murderers of husband (wife and in-laws)are let off free ?
  • Child is forced to be fatherless?
  • Fathers are striving to see their siblings ?
  • Indian Society is being made a fatherless society ?
  • Failed marriage is made crime of husband ?
  • There is separate ministry even for Animals but for MEN there is none ?
  • Men’s sufferings goes unnoticed ?
  • Young India is entangled in family & criminal courts ?
  • Young brain, mind  & energy is trapped in legal procedures and judicial paradigm ?
  • Legalizing Gay-marriages?
  • Legalizing live-in relationship?
  • Legalizing pre-marital sex ?
  • Adultery by female is not a crime?

Above all, this in the name of WOMAN EMPOWERMENT which is producing more & more empowered women like Madhuri & Ayesha.

Phir Bhi MERA BHARAT MAHAN per kab tak …………. ?