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Equal Rights in Matrimony…….

May 28, 2013


From many decades, there is continues hue & cry for equal rights  from women organisations(mainly for Wives)  but without going into the veracity of their claims, let us first give a thought to following facts:-

On the one hand, the responsibilities or duties of a husband in society is still remained intact what it was in age-old society  i.e. feeding, caring, protecting and raising his family and which are enforced though special matrimonial biased laws.

 While, on the other hand, wife, is legally made free from any kind of responsibilities or duties of matrimony or family and are enjoying one-sided full rights to dictate her terms or break the family or marriage without any penalty.

This becomes more clear when we analyze the present scenario of Indian society from an unbiased logical mind that:-

  • The so called women empowerment has ensured(socially as well as legally) equal rights to earn and opportunities to women.

  • There are  many women up liftment policies and programmes like, free education, award schemes for female Child, support for training & employment, Stree Shakti Programme, gender budgeting, short stay shelters, women’s right in paternal property, reservation in political sphere(panchayats, vidhan sabha, etc.)

  • The government and media always remain keen to bring to forefront any trivial cause of women so as to garner votes and viewers.

  • Government is getting enough of free funding in the name of women empowerment from foreign countries and  is spending overwhelmingly for so many years for these activities.

  • The solution to bring about equality in the wisdom of government & feminists is to frame and enforce more & more gender biased laws.

Whereas, the earning avenues for Males(from where he will be able to discharge all the legal  responsibility attributed to him) which were earlier mainly available to him, is now depleted to say 50% and is being shared 50-50 or even more by females (this all, while the population growth is ever increasing). Hence, broadly speaking,  it resulted in less than 50% earning avenues left with Males.

So in this present scenario, Why only male is still made responsible for maintaining his family ?

More so, on a level playing ground, in today’s context, a Marriage is a contract between two individuals to discharge equal responsibilities and avail equal rights to make a successful family, however, the same should also be true in case of a failed marriage(without going into the reasons Why?).

But in India, failed marriage is made sole liability of Male , Why?

  • He has to pay maintenance, ligation expenses, residence etc. during dispute or alimony after divorce Why?

  • When the said marriage is broken and both are not discharging their responsibilities of that matrimony, why only husband is penalized ?

and in case of any child from this matrimony,

  • why not  responsibility of welfare of child is shared on 50:50 basis ?

To these very questions, the reasoning or big answer from feminists or government is to stop women being destitute or beggared but it could not be understood then what for women centric welfare policies, programmes, schemes involving huge funding are there ?

So, isn’t it rational that either Government should scrap all women upliftment (so called women empowerment,) programmems if these not bearing the desired fruits or it should make women legally, equal responsible at par with Males in the family affairs and matrimonial matters alongwith similar parallel statutory constitutional bodies for male rights too?


May 4, 2013

Stone age

In order to  establish human race / mankind  on this earth “ALMIGHTY  GOD” made MAN & WOMAN with capability of producing their offsprings to continue their race on this planet. “GOD” gave special traits(physical, mental  & social) to both but in the quantum “HE” thought justified. “MAN” was bestowed with comparatively strong physiology by “HIM”, so  he chose the role of Protector & Bread Earner by striving  hard in jungles, naked and empty handed. He made tools & weapons from stone and wood for hunting the wild animals which were much bigger in his size and strength  and started bringing in food daily to fulfil the tummy of his woman and offsprings. Women being bestowed with abundance of true womanhood & motherhood by “HIM” chose the role of a Home Maker(child care, cooking, etc. ).
Time went on & on with these specific roles and both were happy. Slowly-2 they built a strong social institution with rules and regulations specific to their respective roles. With this social institution they started helping each other in their respective roles  too but as much as they can.
Soon, Man started feeling the need of advanced tools and weapons for facilitating his role of Bread Earner & Protector alongwith other needs of civilization, so he started inventing new advanced tools and weapons coupled with new inventions for mobility, security, health, communication, etc. etc.  
These inventions started showing results and it slowly-2  made the  life easy for everyone be it MAN, Woman or children. When the bread earning and life in general  became comparatively much & much  easy and sophisticated, suddenly, few words “RIGHTS”,”EMPOWERMENT” & “EQUALITY” started creep on in the minds of some of women who were lured by the role of Man and they claimed the title “Feminists” fighting for so called “Feminism”.
They pursued their movement vigoursly  on false propaganda of being  weaker sex, deprived of rights and downtrodden by “MAN” for centuries this all after knowing very well that the Black Sheeps exists everywhere.  This emotional & flimsy propaganda from them made more & more population confused so as to believe that the traits & qualities gifted by none other than  “ALMIGHTY” and the roles  chosen by Man & woman of their own WILL at the start of civilization is heavily tilted on one side i.e. on the side of Man.  

male bshing

This Propaganda from “Feminists”(now comprising of many brain washed men too) is still on and is succeeding in dividing the world on the basis of gender. They are penalizing today’s “MAN” in every possible way, be it legally, financially or socially  whereas, today’s domesticated “MAN” is still have no time outside his role of protector & bread earner or is in dilemma of “I AM THE PROTECTOR AND BREAD EARNER TO ONLY MY FAMILY” and  “I HAVE DONE NOTHING SO THIS CAN’T HAPPEN TO ME”

 The Life is going on and will continue to do so…………………. BUT WAKEUP and  RISE as the next  “MAN”  can be you !!!!!!!!!

How, Who, When & from Where MEN got Empowered ?

July 5, 2010

The real concern worldwide is to empower women, that’s OK but it made me to think that Who, When, How & from Where MEN got empowered? But in pursuit of finding the answer to this, I am left with 10 more crucial questions which are :

       I.        Is government or society has done enough to make Men capable of discharging his (social & legal) responsibilities ?

    II.        A big NO, I can’t remember anything done to empower Men, anywhere, by any Government or anybody but yes what has been done or is being done is for Women only. Why?

       III.        Are Men born empowered ? if it is so then really Men are super natural beings but if not, why nobody ever thought of empowering  Men ?.    Or

       IV.        Does man paying price of his masculinity blessed by none other than mother Nature herself ?

       V.        Isn’t those(feminists, NCW &WCD etc.) who call Women a weaker sex are themselves believe in it and are making women more prone to ill treatment ?

      VI.        Isn’t it a reality that No gender(whether male or female) in totality (i.e. 100%) can be or is empowered by all means and each gender always consists of a section which is/remains under privileged ?

     VII.        Aren’t there, unscrupulous/oppressive persons present in both the gender ?

     VIII.       Why, in today’s time after 40-50 years of women empowerment and the focus only on women upliftment, the status of women has not reached to a fair level of equality between both the genders?

     IX.        When the under privileged section of Male gender will be empowered ?

   X.        Isn’t  enforcement of gender biased laws is a social oppression of male gender?

 If you have the answers to above questions, pl feel free to comment.

A Radical Feminist – The BIGGEST ENEMY of Women & Womanhood

July 3, 2010

THE programme telecasted on misuse of IPC 498a on LOKSABHA TV :  Part 1/5
part 2/5
part 3/5
part 4/5
part 5/5

 You all must have watched the above videos or similar videos  earlier too and after viewing above healthy discussion of 5 eminent panelist on misuse of IPC 498a, you must have very well recognized a radical feminist among them. Further, this discussion raises lot of important questions, the answers to which needs to be found with logical & rational mind and if one applies these, I am sure he/she will realize that:  

Q. 0        The first & foremost question arises is whether Government & feminists are having any connection?

  Ans. 0    YES, most of these organizations (in the name of some NGO) are registered with government and are getting  financial support from it. Political parties/Government in-turn uses some of them to build a political base/vote bank  and also expects contribute some amount as  election “CHANDA(donation)” for these political parties/government. So, it can be safely concluded that there exists a  strong nexus between political parties/Government and these bodies and reference can be exchanged in Q. & Ans. below in this regard.

  Q.1         Why the radical feminists(so called Women organizations) are adamant for not having  any amendments in IPC 498a ?

  Ans.1     The feminists are the MOTHERS of IPC  498A and  considers it as their very first victory. Under IPC 498a, everything can be termed as “Dowry”, which is most valuable term for the feminists(except for “female foeticide”) because this is the only one, most talked about social evil related to women remaining in the society and their very survival is directly linked to this social evil. So, any dilution in IPC 498a threatens their future.

  Q.2         Why, these feminists don’t want this country to be a progressive State?

  Ans.2     Feminists lack progressive vision & wisdom and they  feel  afraid of any progressive change in society as they think that this can devoid them of issues (virtual creation by them on concocted   stats & figures) and will make their claims futile.  In a progressive State, the over all development of every citizen is a prime concern for government but it does not suit feminists as their base only rests on non-progressive thinking  and exploitation of sentiments of innocent citizens of Indian society.

  Q.3         Why, these feminists don’t want Women of this country to have an image of independent or self reliant woman ?

  Ans. 3    If women in this country is succeeded in having the image of an independent & self reliant woman, the whole propaganda, hue & cry and political & social base of these feminists will be diminished, which they don’t want at any cost.

  Q.4         Why these feminists hate anything cordial among both sexes   ?

  Ans.4     After realizing that the effect of Divide & Rule policy on religion and caste is not bearing any productive fruits for them, they have choosen, the next in line i.e . GENDER to experiment with. By dividing on gender base they dreams about having representation of 50 % population in the country. So, Women of India is being used by feminists first as Commodity(by demanding those rights which are clear violative of womanhood & it’s glory ) and than as political vote bank.

  Q.5         Why these feminists don’t have the sense of responsibility to safeguard the family system in India ?

  Ans. 5    Family system or family obligations fall last in their list of priorities. Most of these feminists are Kitty Party ladies, who projects themselves as empowered women of today  and consider it shameful  to fulfill family obligations in a way their mothers or fore mothers have done traditionally over the era.  These radical feminists love unrestricted independence and nourishes on it . The family system or ethics or values in society is beyond their level of understanding and is not their subject.

  Q.6         Why these feminists only talks about Daughter-in-laws not about mother & sisters of husbands who counts more in numbers(females) and are being harassed or abused under these gender biased laws ?

  Ans. 6    See, “any nation moves as moved by it’s young ones”. Feminists has catch hold this and are encashing on Dauther-in-law’s  cultural obligation of leaving her parent’s home  & starting fresh life in husband’s house. They envisaged  In-law’s house a best place to  create trouble for wide reaction and publicity. More so, most of these feminists are not yet themselves mother-in-laws and at that  stage they use to leave the feminist movement.

  Q.7         Is there some other secret/hidden agenda of these feminists behind this all ?

  Ans.7     These feminists has the secret  agenda of creating hatred against male by repeating that “India is a male dominating society” and dividing the nation on gender lines to capture the women votebank politically, besides entitling themselves for foreign & domestic easy funding.

  Q.8         Why these feminists don’t want India to be a Dowry free State or a State with gender equality?

  Ans. 8    By GOD’s grace, If ever, India happened to be a Dowry Free State or Country having gender equality, it will be a nightmare for these feminists as their only life support or life-line  will be  cutoff/shattered and  they will  have to strive for single breath . That’s why they want to keep this issue alive by accusing Males & relating every problem of women with Dowry?

 We strongly urge the Citizens, Lawmakers/parliamentarians of India to rise above the Radical Thinking and recognize the hidden agenda of radical feminists and act to change present  India  from  a “Feminist State” to a  “Progressive India”.