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Feminists, the Myths perpetuated by them and their destiny in India

July 19, 2010

How rational is the unfair treatment of Men on the basis of various prejudices like India is a male dominating society, woman is a weaker sex, women is oppressed by Men for centuries and that Man cannot be a victim?

With more than billion people, the Republic of India is the world’s largest democracy. The Democracy – is accepted world wide as best model of governance with equality and freedom have been identified as it’s important characteristics since ancient times. These principles are reflected in all citizens being equal before the law and having equal access to power. India’s population is nearly four times that of the United States.

There was a time when the role of women in India was confined to home & household work only but with decades of sole thrust on women empowerment, the women in today’s India enjoying equal rights and opportunities in each and every field and in modern India, women have adorned high offices in India including that of the President, Prime minister, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Chief Minister etc. Women in India now participate in all activities such as education, politics, sports, media, art & culture, service sectors, science and technology, etc and turns out glorious. Indira Gandhi, who served as Prime Minister of India for an aggregate period of fifteen years is the world’s longest serving woman Prime Minister. So, today’s Women of India especially Urban India can not be in any way assumed to be underprivileged in any sense, be it education, social, political, economical, workforce etc., instead, this section of women is mainly responsible for tarnishing the image of women in society by mis-use of women centric laws.

Under the mask of being feminist these are urban women who for the sake of money, power & ulterior motives keep on re-iterating & perpetuating the myths that :

a)            India is a male dominating society.

There is nothing special done or legally enacted for Men ever, however, on the other side Women has  over the decades special legislations for women, upliftment schemes, monetary & social support, reservation etc. and even then if one believes India is a male dominating society then that male really deserves to be dominating.

 b)           Woman is a weaker sex

Woman is not a weaker sex but the mind that thinks so is weak.  

 c)            Women is oppressed by Men for centuries

The wisdom of punishing present generation for the deeds of their fore- generations is beyond the scope of any rational & logical reasoning.

 d)           Man cannot be a victim

Man is not a superhuman. Today’s empowered women and various gender biased laws enforced in her favour is a deadly combination to turn Man into a victim.

  It’s the propaganda, hue & cry by the feminists that have kept these myths still alive in India and even after having the drastic change in the status of women in India (where Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams visited space), these urban feminists are still not ready to leave these myths as they treat these myths as “golden words’ for them to justify any irrational and illogical argument of theirs. They are well aware that till the time they are successful in perpetuating these myths in the minds of Indians they can justify any gender biased legislation or undue favour for women.

Beating the same old drums for decades with negating any positive change in the status of Indian women surely reflects the bankruptcy of issues with feminists & their unwanted existence alongwith their conservative and regressive thinking. Surely, feminists in India are left with only negative mindset about any progressive gender issues which usually got projected very well now a days in any discussion, debate, meeting or statements in which they participate and uses these myths for their skin saving. Realizing the importance of diminishing womanhood by the negative activism of these feminists, even women of India  now shirks linking their cause with these feminists and the day is not far when these feminists will be forced to return to their cocoons by Indian society.


April 26, 2010

Analysis of political Wisdom of Indian Government

  • “to please a particular section of society for whatever may be the reasons (vote bank or power) in the name of Empowerment, the best policy is to give reservation or enact a new law to favor that section.”

This Wisdom of great rulers of world’s biggest democracy has encouraged me to write this post.


What is INIQUITY ?

1. Gross immorality or injustice; wickedness.

2. A grossly immoral act; a sin.

3. lack of justice or righteousness; wickedness; injustice

4. a wicked act; sin

Ever since, the gender biased matrimonial laws are enforced in India( like 498a in 1983, Domestic violence in 2006, Section 125 Cr.PC, Child Custody etc. ) there is sharp rise in Iniquity on both genders in the country because these laws are grossly misused rather than their use.

However, on countering this question of gross misuse of these gender biased laws  the Government & feminists always gives very lethargic and irresponsible justification that every law can be misused so such laws cannot be scrapped or amended. But here they close the eyes to naked fact about these Laws that they are mostly MISUSED rather than their USE and no other law in Indian law books is such an example.

What feminists & government claims on spirit of enacting these laws?

These laws are made to (so called) protect or (pseudo) empower women (only wife) in the country and as is used in Judicial terms (by most of Judges in country while refering 125 or DV cases) in India “These are benevolent piece of legislation for empowering women”.

What the wide spread misuse of these Laws/Acts highlights?

Beside promoting gender inequality, breaking of Indian family structure and injustice to men in India, these laws are not even coming true to their spirit & need of their enforcement.

IMPACT on first rationale :-

By invoking these ill-intentional & clumsily framed Acts, one women(wife) is on the contrary, causing the INIQUITY to more than 2 women(mother & sisters of husband) in India so where is the Protection or Empowerment to women (in masses)?

IMPACT on second rationale:-

How a Law whose object & reason of enactment is based only on gender biased view of empowering the women in INDIA and whose enforcement is causing INIQUITY to more women than providing protection or empowerment to only one women(wife) can be called “a benevolent piece of legislation” ?

So, isn’t the framing of these laws itself is ironical and pathetic ?

 IMPACT on Greate Indian Society

Rapidly growing Men’s rights organizations in India like SIFF, AIMWA, GHRS etc. are always warning Government on implications of misuse of these gender biased laws on Indian society but the government under the impulse of it’s above explained wisdom is not giving any heed to their warnings and now slowly but steadily, the impact of these laws on Indian society is becoming more & more visible in day to day life.

a) The number of matrimonial murders and matrimonial violence are increasing day by day;

b) The rate of rising of divorce is too inclining ;

c) The abuse of elders or sr. citizens is always high ;

d) The institution of marriage is converting into a blackmailing & profit making business;

e) The family structure in India is diminishing gradually;

Besides this, see how Indian Society which was an example to world for peace, patience and ethical values is transforming into a society of criminals and Government has played a major role of catalyst in it by framing these gender biased laws to please a particular section of society for votes & power:

In old days, the marriage was sacred ritual to become a member of a “JOINT FAMILY” and the ethical value system was preserved.

Then came the these gender biased laws with hidden message that Small Family means Prosperity and slowly the fashion of “NUCLEAR FAMILY” prevailed and Values and ethics of marriage started diminishing.

And now, after adding more and more such new laws, India is slowly moving toward the society of “NO FAMILY” which you can very well be termed as JUNGAL RAJ.

What this transformation leaving behind is unheard voices of innocent persons and families, who were/are falsely implicated in these laws over the years in order to extort money or to give revengeful bashings. The Iniquity being faced by these persons/families caused/causing multi-faced damages to their sense of being alive by tarnishing their honor and dignity besides subjecting them to emotional, economical and social violence on false& malafied pretext.

NEED of Hour – Appeal

In order to ensure no further degradation of Indian society and to eradicate the ever increasing INIQUITY to masses, the Government needs to act fast and should scrap all these on sided laws but then, as I said, Government is a victim of it’s own Wisdom. So, I appeal to the Government to atleast frame & enforce an INIQUITY VIOLENCE LAW on the analogy of Domestic Violence Act which should cover all types of violence(as covered in DV Act) one suffers on account of INIQUITY caused to him or her irrespective of gender.

The Object & Reasons for enactment of this law will be a benevolent piece of legislation for Innocents who are falsely implicated in criminal or civil cases and for empowerement of indian family system. I assure you that this will certainly play a real benevolent purpose for the society as a whole.

Jai Hind!