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A man from India striving for true gender equality in my country through awareness among legislature, judicial, social and family  system in india.My little efforts are to show the mirror of truth to the law makers, it’s delivery system and the preceivers of law and to reveal the reality of today’s Men’s suffering which has been completely shadowed by the populistic and mis-guiding propaganda by radical feminists in this counntry .

My journey to this quest is quite  new but still  I found success in getting the answers of some questions that were bothering me for long and always keep cropping up in my mind whenever I tried to feel that my country is Great as it is having world’s largest democracy and well defined & practiced rule of law . I am sharing few of these questions & answers that I found during my relatively very samll journey:

a) Who drawn the line between the genders in INDIA?

Ans:  Started by pseudo feminists and cemented by Indian Government by framing various gender biased laws in India under pressure from western world and free funding.

B) What are the reasons to draw this line?

Ans:  Money /funding game for feminists , votes & power hunger for politicians or Government and slavery mindset (long British rule in india) in general.

c) What are the effects?

Ans: There are numerous effects of these Gender baised laws:

i)  Deminishing the social fabric of this country by breaking the smallest unit of  society i.e families and abusing & harrassing senior citizens?

ii)  Criminalization of Sacred Institution of marriage in India.

iii)  Punshing current male generation in the name of misdeeds committed by the generation which are in heaven.

iv)  Breeding ground for blakmailers and extortion rackets in family system.

v)  Killing values and ethics from society.

vi)  Exploitation of women in the name of their empowerment.

vii)  Womhocide-murder of womanhood.

viii)  Injustice to the major population of india, who are biggest contributor to indian economy.

ix)  Direct violation of fundamental & human rights.

x)  Tranished the image of India in world.

d) Is Cruelity(of any form) and Domestic Violence(of any kind), the words which are being exploited in these Acts differentiates between the genders to occur?

Ans: NO, Cruelity & Domestic violence knows no gender/sex. It can strike to anyone.

At Last, Hoping for  success in my endevaour with your participation and people awareness.

Mera Bharat Mahan!          Jai Hind!



  1. 1
    rajesh Says:

    Keep on going It will be start of a movement. Nice work!

  2. 2
    GS Says:

    They are simpling applying a old policy ” DIVIDE & RULE”

    A very informative blog, keep updating

  3. 3
    sandeep Says:

    Its wonderfull work hope it rings bells in deaf ears!!!!

  4. 4

    Very good job my friend!

  5. 5

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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