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The tale of a male – India

January 18, 2010


There is silent gender war declared in the country by the pseudo feminists  largely by propagating false issues and facts. The Citizen is in confusion on the rights and responsibilities of the Gender in today’s world- courtesy pseudo feminists. The feminists over the years are cashing in the age longed misconceptions and pushing in their evil designed agendas to secure easy money through national & international fundings. They distorts stats to make favourable to them to show the world that gender equality in India can never be achieved .However, on the other hand, in this process, how the other Gender, the Male  is diluted to which let me take you to a tabular analysis of the Empowered Woman (as is in feminist’s agenda) and the Man to be diluted so that you can analyze for yourself the reality:

Events Diluted Male Special Analysis from the eyes of Society, judiciary or police etc. Empowered Female Special Analysis from the eyes of Feminists
Birth Was earlier, an event of celebration to family & in society but now it does not matter except for the boy who took birth One child is enough so equal celebration & joy. except for the girl who took birth
Education Must be well educated Have to earn the livelihood for himself and also for wife & children May be educated Can rely on parents thereafter her husband
Job Must to be in Job For himself and also Otherwise he have to wander in courts for meeting the claims of his wife & children for maintenance May have job Mostly for luxury or to fulfill her desire for outdoor charms
Parental Choice No choice for Male In any case not happy with parental family, have no choice to alter. 2nd choice by marrying Female has choice to go to other family and deal with heavy hands and dictate her terms.
Special privileges For Male? No way. Male cannot be expected to have anything special Why not? It’s birth right. Woman is always depressed since it’s origin right from Adam & eve era.
Marriage Wrong doing party and must to continue Males only are guilty of anything wrong in matrimonial relationship Always right can run smooth for sometime or can ditch anytime Cannot be a wrong party because of being lady
Failed Marriage Solely responsible Man can only be the reason of failed marriage Hardly matters all benefits are retained Woman can’t be made responsible for failed marriage in any case
Struggle Have to do for surviving and to pay maintenance to wife & children Male have to Fight for life against gender biased laws No problem spare time and money from husband, will file IPC 498a, DV & Cr.P.C. 125 Laws are catalyst to fulfill and realize the demands and  desires.
Social responsibilities Have to discharge Male cannot be supposed to bow down under any pressure to not discharge social obligations Might is right When not to discharge matrimonial duties what for social responsibilities.
Death/Suicide Not a big issue No one cares the Man’s death, its natural. Dowry death How female can die there must be something
After Death No one remembers Why to waste time Evil happened 304 B for many years and Husband & family is responsible


So make up your mind and move ahead.