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Why only Men is made responsible for Domestic Violence in India ?

June 8, 2010

I was amused as well as shocked on knowing that only Man is made responsible for Domestic Violence in India (as per DV Act,2005) by the legislatures of India but this has also forced me to do brain storming on this question (Why ?)and after analyzing the Men’s attitude and beliefs in society, I came to conclusion that it is because Most men in India

  • Are still living in the illusion that India is a male dominating society.

  • Think it below their dignity to voice for their rights.

  • Are taught to pamper woman right from birth.

  • Treats it status symbol  to talk in favor of women (without any knowledge of reality)

  • Follows the feministic fashion prevailing in society(  as they don’t want to be odd man out).

  • Don’t have courage to swim against the flow(media, feminism and pseudo empowerment etc.)

  • Do have “Chalta Hai” attitude.

  • Don’t have “M “ factor.

  • Are sex starved(being marriage age 21 and adultery, an unethical in society)

  • Are afraid of their spouse and prefers to be slave to them as suggested by Hon’ble Supreme Court.

  • Are not concerned about this issue as being busy in bread earning, maintaining and protecting their families.

Last but not least, corruption in system, decline in social character, fall in ethics & values alongwith  adulteration in food articles, pollution in environment, global warming and green house effect etc. etc. etc.

 There is still time , I urge  MEN TO AWAKE NOW and FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS as this  species(real man) is already on the verge of extinction in India.