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…….. to be a Husband in INDIA !

May 23, 2010

First of all , Your WELCOME to the FOOL’s PARADISE. Here is the HEAVEN you have entered in:

(i)                You carries VERY BAD PAST KARMA DEBIT which made you marry in India.

(ii)             Your FORE & FOREFATHER has done too much atrocities on women.

(iii)           You don’t have any kind of RIGHTS but definitely you will have to discharge hell lot of RESPONSIBILITIES.

(iv)           Your JOURNEYwith your parents & siblings is over.

(v)              You CAN NOT COMPLAIN as t he Man knows no pain.

(vi)           You cannot OUTBURST IN EMOTION as  it does not suit the Man.

(vii)         TRUTH cannot be at your side.

(viii)      You are a DOWRY SEEKER and WIFE BEATER.

(ix)           You are the only perpetuator of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

(x)              You can not BE CAPABLE for raising your children well.

(xi)           You are SOLELY REPONSIBLE for earning, maintaining and protecting the family even after BREAKUP of family.

(xii)         You are a FREE ATM MACHINE.

(xiii)      You and only can be ADULTEROUS.

(xiv)       You are bound to BOW TO scrupulous wishes of your wife.

(xv)        FAILED MARRIAGE is your sole responsibility.


And then

(xvi)       Last but not least, still, you have to live with the BIGGEST MYTH that society is a male dominating society.


BEST WISHES  ! …………..but sorry Waiting you to join SIFF ,INDIA.