An Indian Male amidst Feminists & NCW

 In great Indian family system, an Indian Male since from ancient time was made responsible for feeding, caring, protecting and raising his family as he was the only one who was capable of these all duties due to socio-economic, cultural and traditional way of living and social fabric of society. However, in order to strengthen his these capabilities, this Indian Male was provided with many rights over his family matters and decisions and the family system in India was flourishing and remained intact.

 Since the start of 19th century in colonial times, a social reform movement to uplift the   women’s position in society took off which successfully addressed some of social evil prevailing that time on large scale in Indian society like Sati, child marriage, purdha pratha etc. this movement remain active till in 1920s and afterward it took more modern face with many strong females like Sarojini Naidu, Vijaya lakshmi Pandit, Indira Ghandi etc. marked their presence at the time of freedom struggle. The focus of this women movement was primarily on social reforms to uplift the stature of woman socially and economically in society and the contributors for this cause were called as Social Reformists and were Males mostly.

 But, after the freedom and in 1970s, this social reform movement fell into the hands of  new termed “ feminists”(mostly urban women) and they start emphasizing on more & more  rights to women making rural India and age old traditions/conditions of women in society a ground for their demands. The worst part of it was that they boosted their movement through spreading hatred against Male gender in the society. Slowly but steadily, the earlier social reform movement has been turned into so called “Women empowerment” by these feminists and a “National Commission for Women” (NCW) was formed in the year 1992 in India. This development has proved a biggest blunder on gender equality in nation. The feminists & NCW, instead of bringing in social reforms for safeguarding the position of true needy women of Indian society by emphasizing on true womanhood and it’s important role in society through awareness and discussions in society has indulged in the mad race of competing with the Male in each & every sphere, on the way, forgetting about the in-built physiological, mental, social capabilities and  responsibilities attributed to the genders by mother Nature.

 The NCW alongwith feminists instead of bringing in changes through awareness and discussions in the society has played an instrumental role in forcing the government to enact & enforce more & more gender biased laws like 498a, DV Act, Maintenance etc.  for which

  •  They present cooked & false studies and data
  • Cites  & takes up only favorable, selected, isolated issues/examples from rural India and Converts any issue involving a woman into a gender issue.
  • Keeps alive, some old social evils like dowry, atrocities etc. in order to continue encashing on civil sentiments in society.
  • Never ready to accept any positive change in Women’s social & economical status in society over the last 30-40 years.
  • Never want a society to have a perception of a Indian woman as a self reliant and independent woman
  • Never talks about responsibilities of a women but only claims rights.

 This resulted in rampant misuse of all these laws by specially urban women who are trapping the undue benefits from these laws. This evil  agenda of feminists and NCW  is delivering nothing good to the society but is a reason for breaking up of families, drawing lines on gender base, increase in matrimonial crimes, diminishing ethics & values, distorting culture & traditions in Indian society and is mainly responsible for wastage of Government resources & public money alongwith ever piling-up of the fraudulent cases in Indian courts.

 This dubious role of NCW  & feminists is quite clear from the functioning/working of NCW itself, a body which claims to be custodian of women rights in India and the great Indian Government follows the suggestions and advices from this body in enacting & enforcing gender biased laws in India.

 The excerpts from CAG inspection Report 2008-09 on NCW functioning/working is here:

 Surely, the demand of social, economical and political equal rights to women is not against the natural justice but the modus-operandi of NCW & feminists who overwhelmingly  spreading Male hatred in society by catching hold of age-old social problems and justifying them in present era with cooked & frivolous data is certainly a misconceived and mischievous act on their part.

Equal rights to all in a society, is a mark of civilized society but the agenda of these NCW & feminists is to infringe the equal rights of Male and tilt the gender balance in society so as to provide unduly rights to unscrupulous women especially urban women. In this process of pseudo Women empowerment and misuse of gender biased matrimonial laws, the NCW & feminists are deliberately causing a collateral damage to the identity of an Indian Male and his role as “husband” in the society which in-turn will definitely prove fatal to family system in India.

On the one side, the responsibilities of a husband in society is still remained intact (what it was in age-old society  i.e. feeding, caring, protecting and raising his family) but his rights thereof has been infringed upon drastically and now he suffers/strives even to have fair and equal gender rights in matrimonial affairs and family while on the other side, wife, is legally made free from any kind of responsibilities of matrimony and enjoying one-sided and full rights to dictate her terms or break the family without any penalty. 

This becomes more clear when we analyze the present scenario of Indian society from an unbiased mind:

The so called women empowerment has ensured(socially as well as legally) equal rights to earn and opportunities to women with many upliftment policies and programmes like, free education, award schemes for female Childs, support for training & employment, Stree Shakti Programme, gender budgeting, short stay shelters, women’s right in paternal property, reservation in political sphere(panchayats, vidhan sabha, loksabha etc.) and also the government is spending overwhelmingly for so many years for these activities. Whereas, the earning avenues for Males which were earlier mainly available to him, is now shared 50-50 or even more by females (this all, while the population is ever growing) this resulted in less than 50% earning avenues left with Males, so in this present scenario Why only male is still made responsible for maintaining his family ?

On fair ground, in today’s context, a Marriage is a contract between two individuals to discharge equal responsibilities and avail equal rights to make a successful family, the same should also be true in case of a failed marriage(without going into the reasons Why?), but in India, failed marriage is made a liability of Male only, Why? He has to pay maintenance during dispute or alimony after divorce Why? When the same marriage is broken and both are not discharging their responsibilities of that matrimony.

 So, isn’t it rational that either Government should scrap all women upliftment so called women empowerment, NCW etc. if these not bearing the desired fruits or it should make women legally, equally responsible at par with Males in the family affairs and matrimonial matters alongwith a parallel statutory constitutional bodies for male rights too?



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