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Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act,2005 – A complete eyewash by feminists.

July 31, 2010

In the era of gender biased Acts and laws viz. 498a,DV,CrPC 125, Divorce, Child custody, Dowry Death, sexual harassment etc. in India when Men’s organisations like SIF demands for any genuine amendment, penalty clauses for misuse in these gender biased laws or  making these laws gender neutral everyone right from government, judiciary & feminists use to put forth an argument that the affected persons or cases are very few and far and small affecting section of persons cannot be the base for any amendment or framing of any new gender neutral laws.

Come, let us postmortem their argument .

However, when the feminists and government (for free funding & power respectively) desired  to frame a gender biased law in the name of protection to women from domestic violence, they have acted contrary to their above argument and enforced a very clumsily drafted gender biased law called “ Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act,2005”. In this title of Act, everybody be it Government, feminists, society or legal fraternity should give importance to the two most important words i.e  “Woman” & “Domestic Violence”.

No one can deny that, Mother-in-Laws, sister-in laws and other females in husband’s family are too Women and besides living in a Domestic relationship also forms a big section of women in society.

So either this Act should have been named as “Protection of Wife from Domestic Violence” or all women in domestic relation including Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law & other females in husband’s family should be given protection under this Act.

Then the Big question remains, why this Act is named as Protection of Women from Domestic Violence ?

The truth is, this is done just to maligning the perception of society & government by falsely showing/projecting a broad coverage under this Act and to maliciously justifying the protection need to a larger section of society by way of this most clumsily and ill intentionally framed Law. This Act bears the name as if this Act is meant to provide protection to all women in India(i.e 48-50%population).

“Whereas, in India, almost 48-50 % is the total women population out of which if we exclude unmarried girls, old aged women, mother-in laws and sister-in-laws (which are not covered under this Act) I am sure this Act is made to protect only 10-20 % of women in the society. Whereas the misuse of this Act can very well drastically affect almost 80 % of total society.”

So, How justifiable is the wisdom of our Government or law makers ?

When a special Act(PWDVA) which lacks the balance of natural justice and is direct violative of fundamental right of life & liberty can be enforced for fairly very small section of society, why not, any genuine amendment, penalty clause for misuse or new law can be framed as is being demanded by the Men’s organization SIF?


Feminists, the Myths perpetuated by them and their destiny in India

July 19, 2010

How rational is the unfair treatment of Men on the basis of various prejudices like India is a male dominating society, woman is a weaker sex, women is oppressed by Men for centuries and that Man cannot be a victim?

With more than billion people, the Republic of India is the world’s largest democracy. The Democracy – is accepted world wide as best model of governance with equality and freedom have been identified as it’s important characteristics since ancient times. These principles are reflected in all citizens being equal before the law and having equal access to power. India’s population is nearly four times that of the United States.

There was a time when the role of women in India was confined to home & household work only but with decades of sole thrust on women empowerment, the women in today’s India enjoying equal rights and opportunities in each and every field and in modern India, women have adorned high offices in India including that of the President, Prime minister, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Chief Minister etc. Women in India now participate in all activities such as education, politics, sports, media, art & culture, service sectors, science and technology, etc and turns out glorious. Indira Gandhi, who served as Prime Minister of India for an aggregate period of fifteen years is the world’s longest serving woman Prime Minister. So, today’s Women of India especially Urban India can not be in any way assumed to be underprivileged in any sense, be it education, social, political, economical, workforce etc., instead, this section of women is mainly responsible for tarnishing the image of women in society by mis-use of women centric laws.

Under the mask of being feminist these are urban women who for the sake of money, power & ulterior motives keep on re-iterating & perpetuating the myths that :

a)            India is a male dominating society.

There is nothing special done or legally enacted for Men ever, however, on the other side Women has  over the decades special legislations for women, upliftment schemes, monetary & social support, reservation etc. and even then if one believes India is a male dominating society then that male really deserves to be dominating.

 b)           Woman is a weaker sex

Woman is not a weaker sex but the mind that thinks so is weak.  

 c)            Women is oppressed by Men for centuries

The wisdom of punishing present generation for the deeds of their fore- generations is beyond the scope of any rational & logical reasoning.

 d)           Man cannot be a victim

Man is not a superhuman. Today’s empowered women and various gender biased laws enforced in her favour is a deadly combination to turn Man into a victim.

  It’s the propaganda, hue & cry by the feminists that have kept these myths still alive in India and even after having the drastic change in the status of women in India (where Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams visited space), these urban feminists are still not ready to leave these myths as they treat these myths as “golden words’ for them to justify any irrational and illogical argument of theirs. They are well aware that till the time they are successful in perpetuating these myths in the minds of Indians they can justify any gender biased legislation or undue favour for women.

Beating the same old drums for decades with negating any positive change in the status of Indian women surely reflects the bankruptcy of issues with feminists & their unwanted existence alongwith their conservative and regressive thinking. Surely, feminists in India are left with only negative mindset about any progressive gender issues which usually got projected very well now a days in any discussion, debate, meeting or statements in which they participate and uses these myths for their skin saving. Realizing the importance of diminishing womanhood by the negative activism of these feminists, even women of India  now shirks linking their cause with these feminists and the day is not far when these feminists will be forced to return to their cocoons by Indian society.


July 8, 2010

India as democratic nation and viberant society has a history of  both external & internal threats to its soverignity and peace. Today, it has biggest threats from:

Forms of terrorism in India

Biggest Threats to India

Saving the Family/Marriage – an uphill task for Indian Men

July 7, 2010

Since the beginning of civilization, a Family, the smallest & fundamental social unit of society is serving the purpose of primary training ground for nurturing physiological, emotional, social and psychological  needs/strengths of an individual irrespective of his/her gender. As Family is a strongest pillar of a society & civilization, it needs strong bonds of ethics, values & morals to remain intact and meaningful. More so, because wherever, a group of people resides together some collision in thoughts and life style bounds to happen. Therefore, family values are important and should be cherished and nurtured. Love, support, friendship, and guidance are key qualities necessary to form a strong family bond. The nation/ society having strong family system can easily absorb any external or internal trouble/threats and it icons a true vibrant society.

             India was once known for it’s very strong Joint Family System, so practiced since from ancient times and strongly interwoven by ethics & values. The family was headed by an oldest person mainly Man ( however, in some parts of India by Female) who was having responsibility as well as authority to safeguard purpose and the key qualities of family bond alongwith passing on the ethics & values over to next generations. But the in-roads (in the name of so called development) of western culture, media, equality, rights, empowerment etc. in the society has shattered this concept of Indian joint family and the nuclear family system prevailed.  

The main supporter of nuclear families is young Women of today, as today’s 99% young women are only willing to have a nuclear family on the pretext of burden of household work, harassment, ill-treatment etc. in joint family but the truth is, it gives them an unrestricted freedom of their choice beyond any ethics, values and responsibilities. The mind of these young women is more influenced by the feminists propaganda than their own grand mothers and other old females in their family. This change in mindset of young women and the added fuel to this thinking by the Government and other feminist pressure groups in the name of empowerment and equality to women coupled with enforcing of gender biased laws is the main reason of breaking of families and joint family system in India.

However, in nuclear family system too, the responsibility to keep family intact solely lies on Man only, besides his legal commitment of fulfillment of all other needs of the family. So, marriage has became a double edged sword for Men in India and Men faces a tricky situation, firstly, if he chooses a nuclear family under pressure from his wife, he is accused of leaving his parents & kin and carries this guilt for life, besides this, it gives undue elevation to the unscrupulous wife’s moral to dictate her terms and ill designs. Further, wife once successful in separating her husband from his parents and breaking the in-law’s family doesn’t stop there but instead encouraged with her this achievement she continue to adapt this strategy to make her husband to bow to her any unlawful demand(monetary, personal or social) in future. Under the threat of legal tools especially designed for her by Indian Government, husband has to obey her because the legal impunity granted to wife in India is very much clear from what even the Apex legal authority i.e. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has reiterated to the husbands of this country time and again that “Move left if your wife says so or move to right if she desire so”.

Secondly, if he doesn’t leave his parents (because he is the one who lived with them for 25-30 years and very well know their habits & nature and is the best judge among both parents & wife), his life can be made hell easily by his empowered and legally strengthened wife, who with motives to take revenge, to secure her future and to extort money from him not only tries to teach lesson to him but to many others in his family by implicating them in various false criminal cases like dowry, domestic violence etc. which are so gender biased that they can be set into motion merely on her complaint.

In this scenario and ever increasing lust for money and power in Indian society, it becomes impossible to strengthen the bonds of ethics & values in family and the key qualities necessary to form a strong family like love, support, friendship, and guidance looks a distant dream. But strangely & ironically, everybody(judiciary, society or Government) still expects from Man, who is already in such a hot soup with social as well as legal adversities all around to save family/marriage. The Man is panelized economically, emotionally, physically and socially for any failure of marriage/family as he is the one who is supposed to and is legally made responsible to save the family / marriage. Nobody be it society, Government, judiciary or police is giving any heed to his problems/pressures but continues to pamper women on the age-old beliefs & myths. So, the big question remains in front of him is  How to save family (may be joint or nuclear) or marriage ?  All the wild blames are directed towards him but his endless sufferings goes-by unnoticed. Moreover, in this bad situation, he is being alienated more & more by gender biased laws and the only solution that emerges for Man is to say NO to marriage itself. Is this what the society, Government or feminists want ?

How, Who, When & from Where MEN got Empowered ?

July 5, 2010

The real concern worldwide is to empower women, that’s OK but it made me to think that Who, When, How & from Where MEN got empowered? But in pursuit of finding the answer to this, I am left with 10 more crucial questions which are :

       I.        Is government or society has done enough to make Men capable of discharging his (social & legal) responsibilities ?

    II.        A big NO, I can’t remember anything done to empower Men, anywhere, by any Government or anybody but yes what has been done or is being done is for Women only. Why?

       III.        Are Men born empowered ? if it is so then really Men are super natural beings but if not, why nobody ever thought of empowering  Men ?.    Or

       IV.        Does man paying price of his masculinity blessed by none other than mother Nature herself ?

       V.        Isn’t those(feminists, NCW &WCD etc.) who call Women a weaker sex are themselves believe in it and are making women more prone to ill treatment ?

      VI.        Isn’t it a reality that No gender(whether male or female) in totality (i.e. 100%) can be or is empowered by all means and each gender always consists of a section which is/remains under privileged ?

     VII.        Aren’t there, unscrupulous/oppressive persons present in both the gender ?

     VIII.       Why, in today’s time after 40-50 years of women empowerment and the focus only on women upliftment, the status of women has not reached to a fair level of equality between both the genders?

     IX.        When the under privileged section of Male gender will be empowered ?

   X.        Isn’t  enforcement of gender biased laws is a social oppression of male gender?

 If you have the answers to above questions, pl feel free to comment.

An Indian Male amidst Feminists & NCW

July 3, 2010

 In great Indian family system, an Indian Male since from ancient time was made responsible for feeding, caring, protecting and raising his family as he was the only one who was capable of these all duties due to socio-economic, cultural and traditional way of living and social fabric of society. However, in order to strengthen his these capabilities, this Indian Male was provided with many rights over his family matters and decisions and the family system in India was flourishing and remained intact.

 Since the start of 19th century in colonial times, a social reform movement to uplift the   women’s position in society took off which successfully addressed some of social evil prevailing that time on large scale in Indian society like Sati, child marriage, purdha pratha etc. this movement remain active till in 1920s and afterward it took more modern face with many strong females like Sarojini Naidu, Vijaya lakshmi Pandit, Indira Ghandi etc. marked their presence at the time of freedom struggle. The focus of this women movement was primarily on social reforms to uplift the stature of woman socially and economically in society and the contributors for this cause were called as Social Reformists and were Males mostly.

 But, after the freedom and in 1970s, this social reform movement fell into the hands of  new termed “ feminists”(mostly urban women) and they start emphasizing on more & more  rights to women making rural India and age old traditions/conditions of women in society a ground for their demands. The worst part of it was that they boosted their movement through spreading hatred against Male gender in the society. Slowly but steadily, the earlier social reform movement has been turned into so called “Women empowerment” by these feminists and a “National Commission for Women” (NCW) was formed in the year 1992 in India. This development has proved a biggest blunder on gender equality in nation. The feminists & NCW, instead of bringing in social reforms for safeguarding the position of true needy women of Indian society by emphasizing on true womanhood and it’s important role in society through awareness and discussions in society has indulged in the mad race of competing with the Male in each & every sphere, on the way, forgetting about the in-built physiological, mental, social capabilities and  responsibilities attributed to the genders by mother Nature.

 The NCW alongwith feminists instead of bringing in changes through awareness and discussions in the society has played an instrumental role in forcing the government to enact & enforce more & more gender biased laws like 498a, DV Act, Maintenance etc.  for which

  •  They present cooked & false studies and data
  • Cites  & takes up only favorable, selected, isolated issues/examples from rural India and Converts any issue involving a woman into a gender issue.
  • Keeps alive, some old social evils like dowry, atrocities etc. in order to continue encashing on civil sentiments in society.
  • Never ready to accept any positive change in Women’s social & economical status in society over the last 30-40 years.
  • Never want a society to have a perception of a Indian woman as a self reliant and independent woman
  • Never talks about responsibilities of a women but only claims rights.

 This resulted in rampant misuse of all these laws by specially urban women who are trapping the undue benefits from these laws. This evil  agenda of feminists and NCW  is delivering nothing good to the society but is a reason for breaking up of families, drawing lines on gender base, increase in matrimonial crimes, diminishing ethics & values, distorting culture & traditions in Indian society and is mainly responsible for wastage of Government resources & public money alongwith ever piling-up of the fraudulent cases in Indian courts.

 This dubious role of NCW  & feminists is quite clear from the functioning/working of NCW itself, a body which claims to be custodian of women rights in India and the great Indian Government follows the suggestions and advices from this body in enacting & enforcing gender biased laws in India.

 The excerpts from CAG inspection Report 2008-09 on NCW functioning/working is here:

 Surely, the demand of social, economical and political equal rights to women is not against the natural justice but the modus-operandi of NCW & feminists who overwhelmingly  spreading Male hatred in society by catching hold of age-old social problems and justifying them in present era with cooked & frivolous data is certainly a misconceived and mischievous act on their part.

Equal rights to all in a society, is a mark of civilized society but the agenda of these NCW & feminists is to infringe the equal rights of Male and tilt the gender balance in society so as to provide unduly rights to unscrupulous women especially urban women. In this process of pseudo Women empowerment and misuse of gender biased matrimonial laws, the NCW & feminists are deliberately causing a collateral damage to the identity of an Indian Male and his role as “husband” in the society which in-turn will definitely prove fatal to family system in India.

On the one side, the responsibilities of a husband in society is still remained intact (what it was in age-old society  i.e. feeding, caring, protecting and raising his family) but his rights thereof has been infringed upon drastically and now he suffers/strives even to have fair and equal gender rights in matrimonial affairs and family while on the other side, wife, is legally made free from any kind of responsibilities of matrimony and enjoying one-sided and full rights to dictate her terms or break the family without any penalty. 

This becomes more clear when we analyze the present scenario of Indian society from an unbiased mind:

The so called women empowerment has ensured(socially as well as legally) equal rights to earn and opportunities to women with many upliftment policies and programmes like, free education, award schemes for female Childs, support for training & employment, Stree Shakti Programme, gender budgeting, short stay shelters, women’s right in paternal property, reservation in political sphere(panchayats, vidhan sabha, loksabha etc.) and also the government is spending overwhelmingly for so many years for these activities. Whereas, the earning avenues for Males which were earlier mainly available to him, is now shared 50-50 or even more by females (this all, while the population is ever growing) this resulted in less than 50% earning avenues left with Males, so in this present scenario Why only male is still made responsible for maintaining his family ?

On fair ground, in today’s context, a Marriage is a contract between two individuals to discharge equal responsibilities and avail equal rights to make a successful family, the same should also be true in case of a failed marriage(without going into the reasons Why?), but in India, failed marriage is made a liability of Male only, Why? He has to pay maintenance during dispute or alimony after divorce Why? When the same marriage is broken and both are not discharging their responsibilities of that matrimony.

 So, isn’t it rational that either Government should scrap all women upliftment so called women empowerment, NCW etc. if these not bearing the desired fruits or it should make women legally, equally responsible at par with Males in the family affairs and matrimonial matters alongwith a parallel statutory constitutional bodies for male rights too?

The Truth about Lies in India

July 3, 2010

Telling lies or concocted stories are becoming a fashion among the young wives in India as these has been given such a legal value in Indian legal system that even a baseless lie or concocted story spelled out from a women can thrash/badly hit any individual or family in a very drastic way. This undue legal shielding to the lies of a particular section of society in the name of empowerment and the presumption of woman being always the victim is pathetic and is primarily responsible for misuse of any law made for upliftment of this section in INDIA besides

 Let us take some examples of laws/Acts intentionally made gender biased to favour the other gender on the plea of upliftment of that gender which are currently the most miused laws in INDIA :-


This is the only draconian law in whole of the Indian Penal Code, in which mere a statement (without any proof or investigation) from a wife is enough to book & send (as many as persons from in-law’s family she wants)  to jail in a criminal case, not only this but the accused is also presumed guilty until he proves his innocence. Because of it’s wide misuse this law has earned it’s various widely known names like “ A Legal tool for Extortion” and  “ A Legal Terrorism” etc..

 Domestic Violence Act,2005

Another Act that is being set in motion by unscrupulous wives to avail numerous reliefs(residence, monetary, protection etc.) from husbands on telling lies and concocted stories because of defined domestic violence in it and it’s nature of being available to only one specified gender, made this Act available for gross misuse.

 IPC 304B – Dowry Death

A stupid section in IPC under which a grave criminal case can be set in motion against any number of  persons from in-law’s family in the event of any unnatural death of married women within 7 years of marriage as it cover any death of a married women within 7 years of marriage. This wide coverage under the law invites unscrupulous elements with oblique motives(like extortion, threatening and revenge)  to misuse it.

 Maintenance Laws/Acts

A set of multiple laws available to wife to claim maintenance – their concurrent / parallel applicability on telling baseless lies & concocted stories, awarding of maintenance/interim maintenance under these laws on the only fact that couple is living separately and making a person entitled to maintenance while she is not discharging any matrimonial duties/responsibility and also living separately but entitled to lifestyle she was enjoying in her matrimonial home makes these laws most venerable to misuse.

 Child Custody Law

Yet another law, looks like delivering justice on the presumption that the child only has one natural guardian e.g. mother and father is only required to donate sperms for child birth and to support monetarily for all welfare of child, beyond this role, he is not capable of raising child well. While, mother is presumed to be capable of raising child better but that too on the money that she receives/seeks as maintenance for herself & child from father of that child. 

 Why rampant misuse of these Acts above?

  •  Loose & clumsily drafting of these laws.
  • No deterrent provided in these laws to stop lies, concocted stories or misuse of these laws.
  • Presumption of women being always and only Victim, overrules all logic, reasons & rationale.
  • No penalty to abuser of law, even after proving the case was false and was filed with malafide intentions.
  • The legal impunity granted to the wives in Indian legal System.
  • The great Indian judicial system known for the delay/time span it takes in delivery of justice.
  • The scope of extortion/corruption in these laws/acts
  • Involvement of money in each and every law above in the shape of maintenance.
  • The unjustified wide open scope of roping- in any number of persons in theses laws.
  • The scope of making money for law enforcing agencies(like police, CAW cells, judiciary etc.)

 Truth remains hidden or unrevealed until unless a proper and just scrutiny mechanism of the facts and an effective deterrent is made out in this regard but it seems that telling a lie and to concoct a false story is a special privilege granted to the women in India in the name of empowerment as they are enjoying numerous gender biased legislations so framed & enforced by government itself and these are, in a result, encouraging women to tell the lies and concocted stories in order to secure their oblique motives and unscrupulous desires.

 Above are only some of the examples, however, there is a long list of such gender biased laws which are wide open for misuse like law on rape, sexual assault(in making), divorce & alimony etc. etc.

 So, it can be easily inferred that in INDIA Truth has been intentionally and legally defeated and lies from women weighs highest.


July 3, 2010

It’s a well known principle  thatRights don’t exist without Responsibilities”.

 How ironical is this in Indian Scenario?

 In India

 The moment a woman marries, it becomes immaterial whether she has discharged any matrimonial responsibilities or not but Indian legal system  automatically bestows her with the Rights :

  •  To implicate any near & dear to her in-laws including her husband in criminal or civil cases.
  • To legally extort or threaten the in-laws to bow down to her wishes.
  • To have full satisfaction of her biological need(Sex)
  • To have all types of protections against domestic violence viz. emotional, verbal, financial, physical, psychological etc.
  • To have maintenance from husband to never feel like loosing anything.
  • To fight legal battle in courts against her husband with his money itself.
  • To deprive the Child Custody to husband while raising her children on his money itself.
  • To have Alimony for rest of her life so that he cannot forget her.

 Now let us talk about the Man

 The moment a man marries in India he is automatically burdened with the Responsibilities & Duties for life :

  • Providing safe environment to wife where nobody could ask a question to her on her matrimonial responsibilities.
  •  Providing full satisfaction to his wife of her biological need(Sex).
  •  Providing full monetary, physical, emotional, social support to wife and children. 
  • Providing all types of Protection against domestic violence viz. emotional, economical, verbal, physical, psychological, social etc. to his wife & children. 
  • Providing Maintenance to his wife & children including the money to them to fight cases against himself. in addition to provide maintenance to his own parents & family. 
  • Providing maintenance for every need of his children but can’t have custody of children. 
  • Providing Alimony for life to wife & children for their bright future.

 So as per above. Man is made to keep on discharging his responsibilities during and even after breaking up of marriage, on the other side, woman is completely free of any responsibilities (during or after)but enjoys full rights even after breaking up of marriage( when she is definitely not discharging any matrimonial responsibilities in connection with this marriage )

 Why this discrimination among genders?

 The Great Indian Rationale

In Indian belief the Marriage is a Sacred Institution and “is a Union of Two Souls into One”. It seems that giving this spirit of Indian marriage prime importance, the government and lawmakers in India is trying to maintain the Rights & Responsibilities connection intact in matrimonial matters in different way. Considering wife & husband as a single soul, they have intrinsically distributed the Rights & Responsibilities among them. In this process, they have enacted and enforced many gender biased laws and has converted the institution of marriage into a biased Corporate where one spouse has been given only Rights without Responsibilities and the other spouse is burdened with only Responsibilities & Duties without any Rights for life.

 Do you think, this way the spirit of Indian Marriage can be kept alive?

A Radical Feminist – The BIGGEST ENEMY of Women & Womanhood

July 3, 2010

THE programme telecasted on misuse of IPC 498a on LOKSABHA TV :  Part 1/5
part 2/5
part 3/5
part 4/5
part 5/5

 You all must have watched the above videos or similar videos  earlier too and after viewing above healthy discussion of 5 eminent panelist on misuse of IPC 498a, you must have very well recognized a radical feminist among them. Further, this discussion raises lot of important questions, the answers to which needs to be found with logical & rational mind and if one applies these, I am sure he/she will realize that:  

Q. 0        The first & foremost question arises is whether Government & feminists are having any connection?

  Ans. 0    YES, most of these organizations (in the name of some NGO) are registered with government and are getting  financial support from it. Political parties/Government in-turn uses some of them to build a political base/vote bank  and also expects contribute some amount as  election “CHANDA(donation)” for these political parties/government. So, it can be safely concluded that there exists a  strong nexus between political parties/Government and these bodies and reference can be exchanged in Q. & Ans. below in this regard.

  Q.1         Why the radical feminists(so called Women organizations) are adamant for not having  any amendments in IPC 498a ?

  Ans.1     The feminists are the MOTHERS of IPC  498A and  considers it as their very first victory. Under IPC 498a, everything can be termed as “Dowry”, which is most valuable term for the feminists(except for “female foeticide”) because this is the only one, most talked about social evil related to women remaining in the society and their very survival is directly linked to this social evil. So, any dilution in IPC 498a threatens their future.

  Q.2         Why, these feminists don’t want this country to be a progressive State?

  Ans.2     Feminists lack progressive vision & wisdom and they  feel  afraid of any progressive change in society as they think that this can devoid them of issues (virtual creation by them on concocted   stats & figures) and will make their claims futile.  In a progressive State, the over all development of every citizen is a prime concern for government but it does not suit feminists as their base only rests on non-progressive thinking  and exploitation of sentiments of innocent citizens of Indian society.

  Q.3         Why, these feminists don’t want Women of this country to have an image of independent or self reliant woman ?

  Ans. 3    If women in this country is succeeded in having the image of an independent & self reliant woman, the whole propaganda, hue & cry and political & social base of these feminists will be diminished, which they don’t want at any cost.

  Q.4         Why these feminists hate anything cordial among both sexes   ?

  Ans.4     After realizing that the effect of Divide & Rule policy on religion and caste is not bearing any productive fruits for them, they have choosen, the next in line i.e . GENDER to experiment with. By dividing on gender base they dreams about having representation of 50 % population in the country. So, Women of India is being used by feminists first as Commodity(by demanding those rights which are clear violative of womanhood & it’s glory ) and than as political vote bank.

  Q.5         Why these feminists don’t have the sense of responsibility to safeguard the family system in India ?

  Ans. 5    Family system or family obligations fall last in their list of priorities. Most of these feminists are Kitty Party ladies, who projects themselves as empowered women of today  and consider it shameful  to fulfill family obligations in a way their mothers or fore mothers have done traditionally over the era.  These radical feminists love unrestricted independence and nourishes on it . The family system or ethics or values in society is beyond their level of understanding and is not their subject.

  Q.6         Why these feminists only talks about Daughter-in-laws not about mother & sisters of husbands who counts more in numbers(females) and are being harassed or abused under these gender biased laws ?

  Ans. 6    See, “any nation moves as moved by it’s young ones”. Feminists has catch hold this and are encashing on Dauther-in-law’s  cultural obligation of leaving her parent’s home  & starting fresh life in husband’s house. They envisaged  In-law’s house a best place to  create trouble for wide reaction and publicity. More so, most of these feminists are not yet themselves mother-in-laws and at that  stage they use to leave the feminist movement.

  Q.7         Is there some other secret/hidden agenda of these feminists behind this all ?

  Ans.7     These feminists has the secret  agenda of creating hatred against male by repeating that “India is a male dominating society” and dividing the nation on gender lines to capture the women votebank politically, besides entitling themselves for foreign & domestic easy funding.

  Q.8         Why these feminists don’t want India to be a Dowry free State or a State with gender equality?

  Ans. 8    By GOD’s grace, If ever, India happened to be a Dowry Free State or Country having gender equality, it will be a nightmare for these feminists as their only life support or life-line  will be  cutoff/shattered and  they will  have to strive for single breath . That’s why they want to keep this issue alive by accusing Males & relating every problem of women with Dowry?

 We strongly urge the Citizens, Lawmakers/parliamentarians of India to rise above the Radical Thinking and recognize the hidden agenda of radical feminists and act to change present  India  from  a “Feminist State” to a  “Progressive India”. 

Why Blame Constitution of India for Gender Biased Laws?

July 3, 2010

It is now wide spread that India is country of gender Biased Laws especially when it comes to matrimonial matters. Any matrimonial dispute in India is now seen as a criminal offence and the courts & police has been allowed to peep into the bedroom of couple & family by the Government of India. The argument put forth by Government or judiciary for creating this gender imbalance in country, is that Constitution of India allows special provisions for special category. Yes, it is true but what about enacting special provisions for special category by oppressing other category’s basic & fundamental rights?, definitely it was not the spirit of our Constitution.  Special provisions can be made for a special category in society to uplift that category by providing economical, educational, social or infrastructural benefits, but to grant legal impunity or undue benefits to someone on account of being special category is surely defeats the purpose of justice itself and this is the trend that Indian Government is following.

In this process, the Government has put on stake the very basic unit of it’s society i.e. the family, which was once, the pride of belonging to an Indian society has now been turned into a  sense of guilty(of being wife beater or dowry seeker) by enforcing more & more gender biased laws which Constitution of India never envisaged. It’s simply a power & vote bank game for Government alongwith getting easy foreign funding on concocted figures and stats. This appeasement of a section of society on gender base by turning blind eye to the other section which as a result gets oppressed has created a dangerous imbalance in gender equality in nation. The Government in this regard, has forgotten that with any individual of a particular gender there are many others connected /dependents of opposite gender. So, covering one in special category to provide undue benefit automatically makes many others discarded of same gender.

The Government of India, under the pressure of radical feminists and  to secure  vote bank has over the years evolved many legal tools to oppress husbands/males in India. These legal tools are not only drafted & enacted clumsily & skewed eyed but are also responsible for promoting & propagating such social evils which were never being the part of Indian society. These  enactments has given legal licences to the unscrupulous elements in society to play with judicial system & laws. Here are some legal tools in the hands of unscrupulous women which are on rampant cruel use in Indian society:

  • IPC 498a(Legal tool to extort, abuse &  harass husband, in-laws, their whole family and any near & dear ones)

  • Domestic Violence Act(Civil cum criminal tool to enjoy all rights despite of being erroneous)

  • CrPC 125(tool for monetary support to keep the husband busy in Courts)

  • IPC 497( legal tool to enjoy adultery yet to take revange from Man)

  • HMA 24(another tool to remain idle on husband’s money )

  • Alimony(tool to make monetary arrangement to lead lavish & Care-free life)

Here it is to be realized that the Constitution of India assures its citizens of justice, equality, and liberty and to promote among them all fraternity and  It lays down the framework defining fundamental political principles, establishing the structure, procedures, powers and duties, of the government and spells out the fundamental rights, directive principles and duties of citizens. But Indian Governments rather than discharging its duties of tackling social & other problems through its machinery & resources  is seems to be panelizing & oppressing one section of society on gender base by entangling and throwing all &every responsibility/blame on that section . The end result is  that India no more can be called a “Welfare State”. These laws( legal tools) has made India a nation where Innocents are suffering and are crying for justice but judiciary is tossing onus on legislations and both are passing it to the Constitution of India, forgetting that Constitution of India has not given authority to anyone to oppress more than 50% (male) population of the society for the sake of pseudo women empowerment or women upliftment.

Now, India has reached at a stage, where the Government & judiciary should stop making excuse of Constitution of India  and should realize their duty of safeguarding the true  spirit of Constitution of India in order to prevent further public unrest or Jungle Raj.