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Changing Perception/Image of Indian women

June 5, 2010

Don’t you agree that gone are the days when India was known for it’s cultural values, heritage and ethics in family & society and women of India was respected & worshiped as Devi Maa, Shakti, Ardhangini, Garihlakshmi for her invaluable contributions & endeavor ?   

The Indian Society was known for its tolerance, ethics, values and traditions which made it, one of the most respected vibrant civil society in world. The sacred institution of marriage & well conceived joint family system of India were two jewels in the glory of India. The women was the all important soul & binding force behind this fabulous social fabric of India. Then what happened that India has lost this glory and who is responsible for tarnishing this image of India & Indian women ?  

Answer is very natural & inevitable truth, It’s Indian Government, NCW & WCD, radical feminists and their formula of Women Empowerment.   

The Women Empowerment in INDIA is primarily being realized by enforcing gender biased laws which has caused un-repairable damage to institution of marriage, family system and society in general. This, so called ‘Women Empowerment” has yielded nothing but complete distortion of the figure called “WOMAN”  in Indian society. With this change in image of a women, a drastic shift in perception of woman in society has happened and now the woman as perceived by man in society is :   

  • Devoid of true feminine qualities .

  • Possible threat to dignity, respect & honor of family in society.

  • Bundle of unscrupulous motives.

  • Insensible to family values, ethics and culture.

  • Greedy for money and power in family as well as in society.

  • Unduly vociferous and nagger.

  • Rights seeker without sense of responsibilities.

  • Highly intolerant & revengeful

 AND IS A ……….

  •       Big conspirator and deceitful

  •       Family breaker

  •       Universal deceiver and not trustworthy

  •       Legal terrorist

  •       Legal abductor of children

  •       Trouble maker in peaceful life

  •       Elder abuser

  •       Legal extortionist

  •       Misuser of matrimonial & dowry laws

  •       Emotional, social & economical blackmailer

  •       Perpetuator of domestic violence

  •       Civil criminal



Awakening & Alert Call  

 it’s the need of hour that Indian Government should circumspect the on-going pseudo Women Empowerment and restrain itself from linking everything relating to women with Women Empowerment . It is the call of time, that Government should not turn blind eye to the genuine cause & cry for justice from the other half of society i.e. the Male and involve them in true spirit to bring in true women empowerment in the country.