Know, How vulnerable are you to a LEGAL TERRORIST(498a wife) ATTACK ?

With all matrimonial laws being gender biased in India, it is a need of hour, that a husband or would be husband should have a mechanism to know before hand his potential vulnerability of being attacked by a Legal terrorist. In this process below is a Indicator Proforma to assess the vulnerability of husband/would be husband in India.

Applies only to men

having either Indian Nationality or married to an Indian girl

Note down YOUR SCORE against each point & then TOTAL it, if Your Score is more than 35, you are in RED ZONE and your vulnerability increases with increase in this socre.



Total Marks(70)

Your Score

0 You and your Nationality ? (Max 5)    
  Indian or NRI and married/marrying Indian girl 5  
  Not Indian but married/marrying Indian girl 4  
  Not Indian not married/marrying Indian girl 0  
1 Are you married ? (Max 5)      
  Married  5  
  Would be a husband 4  
  Extra marital affair 3  
  Live-in relationship 2  
  Decided not to marry      0  
2. About your in-laws/would be in-laws ? (Max 5)     
  FIL not alive   5  
  FIL alive but MIL has all the say in the family 4  
  Both  alive but loves your wife/would be wife too much 3  
  Both  alive but having no son (BIL) 2  
3. Was it arrange marriage ? (Max 5)    
  Arrange marriage 5  
  Love cum arrange 4  
  Love marriage 3  
4. About Marriage transaction (Max 5)    
  They offered dowry but you refused 5  
  You are against dowry 4  
  Neutral about dowry(may or may not give) 3  
  Dowry demand from your side 2  
5. Have you inquired about the in-laws before marriage ? (Max 5)    
  No, not much       5  
  Yes, somewhat     4  
  Yes definitely       3  
6. About your family ? (Max 5)    
  Only mother or both parents alive alive   5  
  Only Father is alive   4  
  No parents but sisters 3  
  No parents but brothers 2  
7. Your financial health ? (Max 5)    
  High income    5  
  Moderate income  4  
  Middle income   3  
  Poor income    2  
  Very poor income  1  
8. About your job ? (Max 5)    
  In top MNC or a Govt. job     5  
  Private job in middle level corporate  4  
  Private job in  small level corporate  3  
  Part time or adhoc job   2  
  No job at all     1  
9. Nature of your job ? (Max 5)    
  Technical & high level 5  
  Non-technical but high level 4  
  Technical but middle level 3  
  Non-Technical but  middle level 2  
  Tech. or non tech. but low level 1  
10. Your ethics & values ? (Max 5)    
  Respect elders and Women    5  
  Love family system  of  India   4  
  Love children      3  
  Believe in adultery    2  
  Don’t care    1  
11. About your nature (Max 5)    
  Caring & loving 5  
  Just & truthful 4  
  Sensible & thoughtful 3  
  Jolly & enjoying 2  
  Care free & self centered 1  
12. Your expectations from this marriage(Max 5)    
  Respect & peaceful  life 5  
  Love & care for you & your family 4  
  Out of any completion or family pressure 3  
  Sex & enjoyment 2  
  Time pass 1  
13. Your knowledge of matrimonial laws in INDIA(Max 5)    
  Very poor 5  
  Poor 4  
  Somewhat moderate 3  
  Good 2  
  Very Sound 1  

 Hope !  you will be benefitted from  this.



  1. 1
    Gokul.P.R Says:

    Good awareness effort, pls keep up the good work

  2. 2
    yodha Says:

    Right description… the more one believes in no-dowry, justice/equality for all, ethics/morality; the more susceptible they are to legal terrorism.

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