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Know, How vulnerable are you to a LEGAL TERRORIST(498a wife) ATTACK ?

May 30, 2010

With all matrimonial laws being gender biased in India, it is a need of hour, that a husband or would be husband should have a mechanism to know before hand his potential vulnerability of being attacked by a Legal terrorist. In this process below is a Indicator Proforma to assess the vulnerability of husband/would be husband in India.

Applies only to men

having either Indian Nationality or married to an Indian girl

Note down YOUR SCORE against each point & then TOTAL it, if Your Score is more than 35, you are in RED ZONE and your vulnerability increases with increase in this socre.



Total Marks(70)

Your Score

0 You and your Nationality ? (Max 5)    
  Indian or NRI and married/marrying Indian girl 5  
  Not Indian but married/marrying Indian girl 4  
  Not Indian not married/marrying Indian girl 0  
1 Are you married ? (Max 5)      
  Married  5  
  Would be a husband 4  
  Extra marital affair 3  
  Live-in relationship 2  
  Decided not to marry      0  
2. About your in-laws/would be in-laws ? (Max 5)     
  FIL not alive   5  
  FIL alive but MIL has all the say in the family 4  
  Both  alive but loves your wife/would be wife too much 3  
  Both  alive but having no son (BIL) 2  
3. Was it arrange marriage ? (Max 5)    
  Arrange marriage 5  
  Love cum arrange 4  
  Love marriage 3  
4. About Marriage transaction (Max 5)    
  They offered dowry but you refused 5  
  You are against dowry 4  
  Neutral about dowry(may or may not give) 3  
  Dowry demand from your side 2  
5. Have you inquired about the in-laws before marriage ? (Max 5)    
  No, not much       5  
  Yes, somewhat     4  
  Yes definitely       3  
6. About your family ? (Max 5)    
  Only mother or both parents alive alive   5  
  Only Father is alive   4  
  No parents but sisters 3  
  No parents but brothers 2  
7. Your financial health ? (Max 5)    
  High income    5  
  Moderate income  4  
  Middle income   3  
  Poor income    2  
  Very poor income  1  
8. About your job ? (Max 5)    
  In top MNC or a Govt. job     5  
  Private job in middle level corporate  4  
  Private job in  small level corporate  3  
  Part time or adhoc job   2  
  No job at all     1  
9. Nature of your job ? (Max 5)    
  Technical & high level 5  
  Non-technical but high level 4  
  Technical but middle level 3  
  Non-Technical but  middle level 2  
  Tech. or non tech. but low level 1  
10. Your ethics & values ? (Max 5)    
  Respect elders and Women    5  
  Love family system  of  India   4  
  Love children      3  
  Believe in adultery    2  
  Don’t care    1  
11. About your nature (Max 5)    
  Caring & loving 5  
  Just & truthful 4  
  Sensible & thoughtful 3  
  Jolly & enjoying 2  
  Care free & self centered 1  
12. Your expectations from this marriage(Max 5)    
  Respect & peaceful  life 5  
  Love & care for you & your family 4  
  Out of any completion or family pressure 3  
  Sex & enjoyment 2  
  Time pass 1  
13. Your knowledge of matrimonial laws in INDIA(Max 5)    
  Very poor 5  
  Poor 4  
  Somewhat moderate 3  
  Good 2  
  Very Sound 1  

 Hope !  you will be benefitted from  this.


……… then Why I LOVE INDIA ?

May 26, 2010
(Pl. read till end to be able to reach the truth)

After hitting by numerous false gender biased laws, I asked this question thousands of time from myself  and then I summarized, the answers I got from Me on  a piece of paper and I realized that

India is my country and I love India,  NOT BECAUSE

  1. it has a false belief  that society is a MALE DOMINATING society.
  2. here, women are UNDULY PAMPERED  by everyone be it Government, politicians, judiciary or society.
  3. here, women are kept TO LET LOOSE to play with Indian matrimonial laws by misusing them.
  4. here, the MEN has only RESPONSIBILITIES but NO RIGHTS.
  5. here, LEGAL TERRORISM is wide spread and Government is not paying ANY HEED to it.
  6. here, Women Empowerment is being carried out by DIMINISHING Womanhood
  7. it is being governed by feminist’s POLICY & WISDOM.
  8. here, the MEN contributes 82% OF TAXES but have NO PLATFORM to raise their voices.
  9. here, the MEN has NO MINISTRY or Commission even  when ANIMALS has.
  10. here, the MAN CAN NOT COMPLAIN because he is being punished for atrocities his fore fathers has done on Women.
  11. here, MARRIAGE is made a CRIME.
  12. it is becoming a FATHERLESS SOCIETY and father is needed only for “ Y ” chromosome.
  13. here, father IS NOT supposed to be CAPABLE of raising his children well.
  14. here,  CHILDREN are used as tool & weapon for EXTORTION.
  15. Here, children are taken to COURTS & POLICE STATIONS rather than to their parental home.
  16. here, Men is treated as FREE ATM machine.
  17. here, CUT & PASTE is used TOO MUCH in drafting and framing any matrimonial & family law.
  18. it has skew-eyed ANTI-DOWRY  and clumsily drafted DOMESTIC VIOLENCE laws.
  19. here, INNOCENTS  are arrested/jailed on false allegations and SUFFERS merely on a statement of wife.
  20. here, in-laws are portrayed as CRIMINALS and ELDER ABUSE by DIL is legalized.
  21. here, even INDIGESTION to  wife is termed as “DOWRY” problem.
  22. here, SUICIDES by husbands on account of marital harassment is no BIG THING.
  23. here, DOWRY GIVERS and husband killers are set ESCORT FREE.
  24. here EVERY death of married women is a “DOWRY DEATH”.
  25. here, “NAME CALLING” of wife is treated as Domestic Violence.
  26. here, UNSCRUPULOUS women are ENTITLED for abundance of rights without any responsibility.
  27.  here, FAILED MARRIAGE is  a CURSE & sole responsibility of husband.


But,  I love India BECAUSE , I took birth in the land of

a)      Lord “KARISHNA”, who had 16,000 wives and nobody was having any problem.

b)      Lord “RAMA”, who deserted his wife “DEVI SITA” for life without any maintenance & divorce.

c)      Lord “SHIVA”, whose wife “DEVI SATI” on the insult of her husband, entered in “Fire” and was burnt to death.

d)      Lord “HANUMAN” (immortal & omnipresent), who is happily ever living because he chose to be a bachelor.

and till Government, NCW, WCD & feminists brought-in the pseudo Women Empowerment

e)      Where Womanhood was worshiped  as “DEVI MAA” .

f)       Where Goddess name comes first  like SITA-RAM, RADHA-KARISHAN etc.

g)      Where wife was called “GARIH LAKSHMI” and marriage was a Sacred Institution.

h)      Where wife was believed to be  “ARDHANGINI” of a MAN.

i)        Where Womandood was sybbolized as “SHAKTI”.

j)       Where even rivers, forests, trees, mountains (nature)  was called as “MOTHER NATURE’.

k)     Where the country itself is called “ MOTHER INDIA”

l)        Where “ MATA SAVITRI “ brought her husband’s life back even from “YAMA’.

m)   Where Satyawati Raja Harishchander sold everything he belongs “EVEN HIS FAMILY” for truth and justice.

n)      Where countless” MEN “ gave their lives  to earn INDEPENDENCE for their families, kin & kith.

o)       Where ELDERS were worshiped like GOD.

p)      Where people were recognized by the ETHICS, VALUES & MORALS they carry in their family.

Isn’t Loving India my way is


No, India can’t be a dowry free State

May 24, 2010

Many decades has been passed since  enforcing of Dowry Prohibition Act,1961, in India but still it is claimed by the NCW and Government that Dowry menace is ever increasing in the society as the cases registered under this Act is increasing. The NCW & Government needs introspection here about their stats and wisdom.

If it’s so, then Why India is not able to eliminate this dowry menace from it’s society ?. Here, I have the answer:

India can’t be a dowry free State

  1. Until National Commission for Women(NCW) is close down or disoriented.
  2. Until Country is not forced to be run by feminists.
  3. Until legislatures change their feministic view about family & marriage matters.
  4. Until Courts realize their duty to take cognizance of Perjury (if any) against parents of bride.
  5. Until the dowry givers are punished.
  6. Until  the  IPC 498a is scraped.
  7. Until  the word “dowry”  is used for every trouble caused to a woman.
  8. Until every death of married women is termed as Dowry Death.
  9. Until  unscrupulous women are entitled for  maintenance.
  10. Until child custody is primarily the right of woman.
  11. Until Domestic violence is attributed only to husband.
  12. Until matrimonial laws are gender biased.
  13. Until Woman Empowerment is done at the cost of womanhood.
  14. Until false allegations has edge over truth legally.
  15. Until  Men Welfare Ministry is formed.
  16. Until the existence of  myth that India is a male dominating society.

And also

Until a true gender neutral  study & research is done on violence in family & matrimonial matters.

Am I Wrong ?

…….. to be a Husband in INDIA !

May 23, 2010

First of all , Your WELCOME to the FOOL’s PARADISE. Here is the HEAVEN you have entered in:

(i)                You carries VERY BAD PAST KARMA DEBIT which made you marry in India.

(ii)             Your FORE & FOREFATHER has done too much atrocities on women.

(iii)           You don’t have any kind of RIGHTS but definitely you will have to discharge hell lot of RESPONSIBILITIES.

(iv)           Your JOURNEYwith your parents & siblings is over.

(v)              You CAN NOT COMPLAIN as t he Man knows no pain.

(vi)           You cannot OUTBURST IN EMOTION as  it does not suit the Man.

(vii)         TRUTH cannot be at your side.

(viii)      You are a DOWRY SEEKER and WIFE BEATER.

(ix)           You are the only perpetuator of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

(x)              You can not BE CAPABLE for raising your children well.

(xi)           You are SOLELY REPONSIBLE for earning, maintaining and protecting the family even after BREAKUP of family.

(xii)         You are a FREE ATM MACHINE.

(xiii)      You and only can be ADULTEROUS.

(xiv)       You are bound to BOW TO scrupulous wishes of your wife.

(xv)        FAILED MARRIAGE is your sole responsibility.


And then

(xvi)       Last but not least, still, you have to live with the BIGGEST MYTH that society is a male dominating society.


BEST WISHES  ! …………..but sorry Waiting you to join SIFF ,INDIA.


May 21, 2010


Perpetrators of Elder Abuse in India – Daugther-in-law empowered by Indian Government?

May 19, 2010

Elder Abuse is not a crime committed by strangers. It is harm done to an older person by a relative, friend, or anyone the elder depends on for basic needs. The HOME is the main locale where elder spends his/her most of time and HOME icons a peaceful, caring and loving family. If the family is kept intact with care & blessings of elders, peace & love of young ones and fun & play of children, Elder Abuse can be eradicated totally from society.

In India, being primarily the follower of Hinduism, respect of the elderly because they are the parents of the present generation was a major concept in society. India was able to elude itself from the problem of elder abuse mainly because of it’s  well defined and  ethically regulated strong family system & value based marriage system but misconceived concept of women empowerment of Government of India  has changed the things drastically in recent past and Elder Abuse has taken up upright rising trend.

 Besides, other factors like poverty, urbanization, lifestyle changes, industrialization etc., the main factor contributing in this rise is the Government’s apathy towards this social problem. The Government instead of framing policies or legislations for protection of rights of elders in family has played a role of catalyst in promoting Elder Abuse by enacting and enforcing various gender biased matrimonial laws which are casting heavy toll on basic root of Indian society i.e. traditional Indian family system and is resulting in breaking of families. The breakup of family system and growing materialism have eroded the cultural values of the Indians. These matrimonial laws like IPC 498a, domestic violence Act,2005, CrPC125 etc. which favours (both in spirit & enforcement) and are enacted for only a particular gender/party i.e wife, has opened a vicious channel of Elder aAbuse at HOME  as the vulnerable aged are the most likely to be abused.

 In today’s India, where woman/girls are viewed equally in every aspect of life and are enjoying special equality with men  besides the greed for easy money making, almost none of the newly wed wife wants  to settle in a joint family or even with parents of her husband and feels restricted & watched of her independence so it can not be expected of her to carry the caring attitude for elders in family . The parents of bride being well aware of the upbringing of their daughter knows her incapability of discharging her matrimonial obligations also vitiates her mind and feedback her to  abandon her in-laws and live independent life with full & sole right on her husband’s earnings. On an irrational & ironical justification or reasoning that “ even she has abandoned her parent’s house to marry him” , she insists on living separate so that nobody would even raise an eyebrow to her misdeeds and her incapability. In this process, the husband is made to realize that he is left with only two options with him either to “(i) abandon or neglect his parents and relatives”  or  to

 Here comes the role of gender biased laws passed by our great visionary Government to empower the women…………………… wife, knowing fully that legal system & mechanism is in her favor and she can dictate her terms forcefully, she in order to fulfill this ulterior motive lashes physical, economical, verbal, mental, & pschycological abuse on  husband & elder in-laws in their own home with the help & support from her paternal family and dreams about the day when her husband abandons his old age parents & succumb to her unscrupulous demands.

                                                “(ii) face alongwith his old age parents, the ordeal of gender biased judicial system of India” on false & frivolous wild allegations and complaints from wife and her family. So husband gets into hot soup where Elder abuse is inevitable for him on any account(option-1 or 2).

In both the above situations, worst sufferers are the  innocent in-laws “THE ELDERS” who in their old age either get abandoned or neglected by their son & DIL in their own home  OR  are dragged in courts on false charges by their Daughter-in-law where they are subjected to threatening, maltreatment and harassment by branding them as criminals. They are abused on account of their dignity, respect, health, finance & mental stability and are forced to live remaining days of their life in social stigma of criminal.

The possibility of easy misuse of these gender biased laws has lured the Daughter-in-law of today’s India so much that the Courts of India are piling up with the false matrimonial cases and the high rise in elderly abuse in the society is going on unnoticed.

Message on  “ World Elder Abuse Awareness Day”, 15th June,2010.

A sincere appeal to Indian Government that if it cannot protect elders in country from abuse atleast It should not promote and propagate it with enacting & enforcing gender biased family breaking laws in India.

IPC 498A- a Social Evil at par with “SATI “of Indian Society

May 16, 2010

On reading this caption, the first question comes to everyone’s mind is Why ? Let us find out the answer:

 Social evils in Indian society or for that matter in any society is not a new phrase and India is fighting since long to eradicate the prevalent social evils in it’s society like Poverty, castism, dowry, child abuse etc. However, India successfully eradicated some of worst form of social evils previously prevailing in it’s society like Sati  & untouchability with the help of immense efforts made to spread awareness in society by Raja Ram Mohan Rai and Mahatama Gandhi.

 But when it came to Dowry System instead of changing the mindset in society by bringing in enough awareness, the Government has laid stress(under pressure from vested interests of NCW and WCD, radical feminists etc.) on using gender biased civil & criminal laws to curb this practice along with others relating to women. The Government in this process has mixed this social evil eradication with Women Empowerment which paved the way of gender differentiation in Indian judicial system and almost all the matrimonial laws or the laws of marriage in India are made gender biased favoring women which is resulting in gross misuse of these laws.

 The enforcement of these gender biased laws has created a complete chaos in family system and society. Now take the example of dowry system, the criminal laws made to eradicate this practice has instead of curbing the dowry practice has added yet another Social Evil – the IPC 498A. How? Just see the comparison of it with “Sati” pratha:



“SATI” Pratha

False IPC 498A


Was based on a traditional belief and ethics in Society

Created and promoted by the Government of India and radical feminists. It is taking upthe shape of  a tradition on the part of young empowered wives.


Was practiced only on death of a husband.  

May start any time after marriage and many deaths could occur till the completion of it’s trial.


Was prone to any kind of misuse  


Being gender biased it is wide open for misuse of any kind  on account of women by making false and frivolous complaints & allegations on husband & in-laws


A woman was forced to burn to death in the flames of her husband’s funeral

Husband & in-laws forced to face death each moment they for their whole remaining life


Atrocity came to end with heinous & tragic death of  wife

Atrocities like physical, mental, emotional, economical and social harassment begins for the whole life of husband & in-laws and they caught  entangled in a condition where it is neither life nor death to them. The loss of dignity, honor & humiliation many a times results in many deaths in in-laws & husband’s family.



Was considered as a honorable sacrifice by wife. Husband and in-laws are portrayed as inhuman, criminals & monsters in society. 


Was having no financial dimension An open and legalized extortion tool. 


Was a bad, cruel and condemnable tradition underlying thinking that wife be free from all miseries in future without her husband Is more condemnable and cruel being a legal terrorism.


Was a social evil effecting relatively (as compared to IPC 498A) small section of society.

So easy to misuse that it is effecting whole society at large by propagating breaking of family system and criminalization of marriage system.

 So, after this annotated comparison, I am sure you are now somewhat convinced that YES,  IPC-498A is a SOCIAL EVIL in India practiced & propagated  by Wives ,Government, Judiciary & Police in India.

But then, larger question remains  that why not Government Scrapes this IPC 498a  ? Is it still awaiting some more social reformist like Raja Ram Mohan Rai Or Mahatma Gandhi to eradicate this social evil, the child of their own misqued wisdom?



COMBAT Impunity Granted to Wives in Indian Legal System

May 15, 2010

The amended Set of Principles for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights Through Action to Combat Impunity, submitted to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights on 8 February 2005, defines impunity as: 

“the impossibility, de jure or de facto, of bringing the perpetrators of violations to account – whether in criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary proceedings – since they are not subject to any inquiry that might lead to their being accused, arrested, tried and, if found guilty, sentenced to appropriate penalties, and to making reparations to their victims.”  

The First Principle of that same document states that: 

“Impunity arises from a failure by States to meet their obligations to investigate violations; to take appropriate measures in respect of the perpetrators, particularly in the area of justice, by ensuring that those suspected of criminal responsibility are prosecuted, tried and duly punished; to provide victims with effective remedies and to ensure that they receive reparation for the injuries suffered; to ensure the inalienable right to know the truth about violations; and to take other necessary steps to prevent a recurrence of violations.” 

In this background,and the naked truth that in INDIA almost all the Matrimonial Laws like Dowry Prohibition Law, 1983(IPC 498a), Maintenance Law(Cr.Pc. 125), Domestic Violence Act,2005, Child Custody & Divorce laws are highly misused being Gender Biased laws which are deliberately made in favour of wives in the name of upliftment of women. 

Besides, gender biased framework of these laws, these laws are so loosely drafted that these has legally granted impunity to wives to harass and sabotage the husband and their families by making false & frivolous complaints under these laws.  The wife is kept aloof of any penalty even if the complaint or case turned out to be false after a prolong trial. This impunity given under these laws to wives cannot be justified from any point of view and  it can be very well claimed that the upliftment of Women in India is being carried over at the cost of depressment of the Men which is a clear violation of human rights. 

The Official statistics below are enough to highlight these facts:

Official Statistics (Source: NCRB) Males Females
Suicide of MARRIED
persons (2005-2008)
2,23,167 1,18,345
SUICIDE Rate (Married) 65.35% 34.65%
One SUICIDE in Every 9.42 Mins 17.77 Mins
Number of MURDERS 26467 7952
One Murder in Every 19Mins 66Mins
No of 498a cases in 2006-2008 by N/A 1,39,058

 One married man commits suicide every 9 min 

 So, in order to combat this impunity granted to wives in INDIA it is a call to United Nations Commission on Human Rights to recognize this impunity and put sincere efforts to eradicate this gender human rights violation in India. 

At indian society level, the key to curb this impunity lies in spreading the  awareness on these gender biased laws and their misuse in the background & spirit of these quotes: 

Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both…………..Eleanor Roosevelt  

Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it……….….Malcolm X 

The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them. ……….. Lois McMaster Bujold________________


” So let us all join hands with NGOs like SIFF, AIMWA, GHRS, Protect India Family etc. to make these laws gender neutral and fight to eradicate the impunity to anyone in order to save the family system in INDIA “   

Truth about suicides in India

Present family system in India

May 12, 2010
The enforcement of Gender biased matrimonial laws in INDIA has completely shattered the traditional family system. You want to see the implications of these laws on family system, here it is:

Today's Family System in India


May 9, 2010
Who Says  ?  JUSTICE FOR ALL  

 In INDIA , Justice to MEN is a far awaited dream…….  

Justice for Man in INDIA