The Great Indian Secnario

The matrimonial Gender Biased Laws in India has turned the institution of marriage into a giant cruel octopus for husband. Do you want to see Present  Indian Scenario ?  Here it is  …………

Isn’t it REAL  & TRUE  ?

Belive it. It’s TRUE as much as REAL



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  2. 2
    Pravesh Says:

    gr8! what a art ?

  3. 3
    prassoon Says:

    awesome dude.. this picture is equivalent to 1million pages of words.

  4. 4


  5. 5
    K V Says:

    My Mom (who still wants to see me remarried) said following when
    I showed her this Photo ….

    that it is not only Indian Phenomenon but a Universal one

    • 6
      Pardeep Says:

      Your mom is quite right and the time is near when this octopus will completely engulf the males.

  6. 7
    dharam Says:

    Superb, well done.

  7. 8
    swap Says:

    nicely put in picture.

  8. 9
    Sandesh Says:

    Good one. See the smile of the evil feminazi’s.

  9. hi wats your myspace page

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