In Independent and Free  INDIA after almost 63 years of independence and democracy WHO CARES  ?

  • Infringement of fundamental rights of equality ?
  • Laws are made gender biased?
  • Legal terrorism is promoted ?
  • Matrimonial laws are grossly misused ?
  • Marriage is made crime?
  • Extortion and blackmailing prevailing in the name of marriage ?
  • Matrimonial crimes are increasing ?
  • Institution of marriage diminishing ?
  • Where Hon’ble Supreme Court advises MEN to be slave of  wife to survive ?
  • Smallest unit of democracy – Families- are breaking?
  • Elders are abused and harassed ?
  • Values, respect & ethics in society dying?
  • Injustice & iniquity done to innocent husbands and in-laws?
  • Innocents are jailed in false dowry complaints ?
  • Any unnatural death of women is termed as Dowry Death ?
  • Innocent husbands are suciding ?
  • Husbands are treated as Free ATM machines ?
  • Legal or illegal,1st , 2nd or 3rd , legitimate or ill legitimate every wife & sibling is made entitled for Maintenance from husband?
  • Maintenance to wife, even if, she earns more than her husband?
  • Maintenance to wife even if more qualified than her husband?
  • Husband & only husband is responsible for domestic violence ?
  • Legalized the Hounor Killings of husband & in-laws?
  • Fathers, Son sand husbands are in deep agony?
  • Mother & sisters are sobbing and harassed?
  • Murderers of husband (wife and in-laws)are let off free ?
  • Child is forced to be fatherless?
  • Fathers are striving to see their siblings ?
  • Indian Society is being made a fatherless society ?
  • Failed marriage is made crime of husband ?
  • There is separate ministry even for Animals but for MEN there is none ?
  • Men’s sufferings goes unnoticed ?
  • Young India is entangled in family & criminal courts ?
  • Young brain, mind  & energy is trapped in legal procedures and judicial paradigm ?
  • Legalizing Gay-marriages?
  • Legalizing live-in relationship?
  • Legalizing pre-marital sex ?
  • Adultery by female is not a crime?

Above all, this in the name of WOMAN EMPOWERMENT which is producing more & more empowered women like Madhuri & Ayesha.

Phir Bhi MERA BHARAT MAHAN per kab tak …………. ?



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    A: SIF

    good article.

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