Failed Marriage- hell to husband and Retirement Pension without service to wife

The marriage was once considered as a sacred institution of agreement  in India but now with gender baised laws in India it has turned into a nightmare for the husband to face falsel cases under IPC 498a,DV,Cr.P.C 125 , Divorce, custody etc. and a retirement pension for wife by claiming maintenance under Cr.P.C. 125, HMA ,DV etc. Now we talk about entitlement of wife for miltiple maintenance under different laws:

The object and reasons for enactment of these maintainance laws were that it was presumed and to some extent right that the female/wife was deprived of equal oppurtunities in the society to live,earn or maitain herself. But the things are gone way beyond now. Now over the years, the Government has created such female benefiting laws and other avenues like reservations, special treatment etc. to empower the today’s woman and she is enjoying equal( if not more than), oppurtunity to earn, live and maintain herself in society at par with male.

So, the age longed preception of husband only being liable to maintain her wife should be stripped off, if not, it should be atleast reconsidered to give equal justice to husband as per natural justice. Court’s (specifically Delhi HC) in India do understand that failed marriage are not crime and the marriage is an sacred agreement of equal responsibilties and rights of both husband & wife. Why husband should only be panelized for failed marriage when wife also do sworn with her own free will as life partner to the marriage? So the responsibilities of matrimonial relation should be equal among the two partners and if marriage fails, both should take the panalities in equal share.

So, it is the call of time in INDIA to scrap the multiple maintainace laws and specifically add the provision that if wife is employed she does not have the right to go in court for any kind of maintainance. Also the presumptions under this Act should be made Gender Neutral means if husband being disabled or unemployed and is bound to give maintainance to wife it should also be true in reverse.



  1. 1
    Gokul Says:

    All the best , please keep it up and spread awareness. Mail each of your posts to Journalists you know, you have journo database in SIF yahoogroup file section, do use it

  2. 2
    Sandeep Says:

    Pradeep you are absolutely right i agree 100% with you law in india is gender based constitution should be rewritten with fundamental rights withdrawn y write while its not guranteed

  3. 3
    Sandeep Says:

    Feminists are femnazistism killing family & indian value ……day is not far when there will b lezbian family . feminazistism can fight with each other……………when will india wake? nice post pradeep

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